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Yogi of December - 林家玉

Joining SPACE was a lucky accident and it has now been nine years. At times I regret not starting yoga earlier, but I’m glad I am a part of the yoga world now, as I am enjoying the benefits it has on my mind, body and spirit.

After I was done with working in the busy and arduous field of fashion, my youngest son, who was doing his compulsory military service, wanted me to get involved more than just running and hiking, but participate in professionally led courses that are particularly beneficial to the body and the mind. Because he has done yoga at work and knew the benefits of yoga, so he especially wanted me to join in. After he carefully selected the right place, he went ahead and bought a five-year membership for me. That’s how I reluctantly join SPACE and started this unexpected journey.

Initially I went to class with the intention of simply passing time, but after various SPACE teachers’ warm encouragement, I started to discover that comfort and ease for myself after practice. I was practicing hot yoga for a long time until teacher Axl turned me on to Mysore practice. Before that I never knew what Mysore practice was about. Under Axl’s careful guidance and my own desire for a challenge, I am now completely used to this self-practice approach. When I look back, I can’t even believe I have been able to do a consistent six-day a week Mysore practice. Being able to practice and learn along with other students and as most of them was half of my age made me felt young and happy. These unexpected gains had brought me more confidence and made my life more fun. It is worth mentioning that after I learned how to do a headstand, I also received much relief from my chronic headache condition.

I like to specially thank Axl. Because of the one thing he told me, “You’ll know what we are practicing once you come in”, that made me immerse myself in the Ashtanga world and established the habit of self-practice. I’m thankful for his attentive, gentle yet firm way of teaching, allowing me to have more clarity in my Asana practice. Of course, I would like to thank every teacher who has ever guided me. I like to thank SPACE YOGA for its thoughtful management, providing a professional teaching staff and an excellent practice environment. I also like to thank my fellow students for their mutual encouragement making the journey of learning even more happy and wonderful. Thank heavens for its blessings that allowed me to have the good fortune to have yoga as a direction for life-long learning. Finally, I like to thank my family for their support. Thank you!


Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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