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Yogi of August - 范姜靜玉

I have loved sports since childhood and felt somewhat helpless when I couldn’t find the right environment to practice yoga. Two years ago, I finally had the chance to visit SPACE. As soon as I walked into the studio, I notice immediately the confidence and vigor in the eyes of the students and the teachers passing by. My heart knew at that moment, I had found it…

When I first started taking classes, I was nervous and consequently, my body was also very tight. Each class I would carefully listen to the teacher’s instructions, be very concerned about doing the poses correctly, and had hard time grasping the principles of yoga. Because of it, I became more and more frustrated. Then one day during the final relaxation, Teacher Paula told us she would come and adjust our pose. I thought, isn’t this just corpse pose, why would you need adjustments? As I was having that thought, Paula was already quietly making adjustments to my arms so my shoulder blades lay more flat against the floor. In that sudden moment, my eyes were red with tears. Letting go of your back can actually be that comfortable! All these years, it was actually me that won’t let go of things; that is why it felt so hard.

So, I came to a halting stop and slowly communicated with my own heart. I asked myself what I wanted. Was it for the pose to look right or to feel right? Finally, I found my direction…

In class, Paula kept reminding me to relax and not to tighten up to maintain the pose. Gradually, I walked away from my nervous personality. Even though I’m still not relaxed enough, but to me, it was already a big step forward. Now Asana is not the main theme of my practice. I discovered the biggest lesson to learn is following each breath to relax tight parts of the body further and to build the connection between the mind and the body. I also came to understand, once the body softens, the mind softens with it. Or in other words, when the mind releases, the body relaxes with it.

Now I use praises to affirm myself and affirm that everything I see is wonderful. I can abide by my emotions and see my self. Through self-observation and reflection, I came to know my body once again and learned to listen to the body and my inner voice. All in all, all became so beautiful and joyous.

I’m thankful to Paula for being by my side all this time, guiding me, giving me the power to reborn, and allowing me to go on a path with a different vision. Now, filled with joy and confidence, I am certain I will continue down this path, just as a teacher, Paula has passed on the love to us. On this path of yoga, I have learned to be grateful and love everyone around me.


Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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