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Yogi of June - Ayumi G.

I felt in love with yoga; now it is a vital part of my daily life.

I've been practicing yoga for about two years. Before starting yoga, I just thought yoga would be a good exercise. At the same time I was curious as to why people liked yoga so much. I've heard from so many people that yoga changed their lives, so I started doing yoga to find out for myself.

SPACE was the only yoga studio I have ever tried, so I couldn't compare it with others. Its facility and studios were so nice and clean and the location convenient that I decided to join right after my first visit. At that time, I wasn’t really concerned about the quality of the teaching staff.

I was not an enthusiastic practitioner when I first started; I only went to the studio maybe once or twice a week. I had yet felt the physical and mental impact of yoga. The first time I took Jordan's class, I liked his teaching style because when I left the class, I felt more energized than when I first walked in. I got addicted to that feeling and continued to take his classes ever since.

One day, he mentioned the concept of Vairagya (non-attachment). I realized it is what I needed. In life, sometimes we are unable to love to our fullest because we hold on to something that no longer serves us or brings us happiness. While it is hard to let this person or thing go, but once we do, we realize that in doing so, we become able to receive more love and energy from other aspects of our lives. It is just like when I come out of an uncomfortable yoga posture with an exhalation that clears out the space within, I have made room for the breath to flow in again. So exhale and let it go.

In another class, Jordon also said that yoga isn't just about flexibility and contortion. Yoga is the tool that improves our daily lives because it helps us find the true union of mind, body and the universe. I loved these words. But when I first heard them, I didn’t know how to get there, even though I understood what he meant. I used to be the kind of person who did not face her inner self and not knowing that was the case. I tended to either dwell on the past, wonder what could have been, or have so many ideas for the future that I ended up paralyzed and not getting anything done. So Jordon would always remind me that to find true union, I have to first let go. He would tell me, "relax, Ayumi" and "exhale, Ayumi." It was not easy and I still struggle with it, but I believe I'm getting better. As I continue to study with Jordon and listen to his teachings, I learnt to focus more on my inner self. I've started to relax more and not holding on as much.

I’ve got a psoas muscle with a personality of its own, which means it is super stiff. As a consequence, I cannot bend and twist well, but I’m fine with it. I’ve learned that it is what’s going on inside that’s important. As Jordon said, yoga isn’t about flexibility, it’s about connection. I’ve come to accept my present self and enjoy my physical and mental transformation. So thank you so much, Jordan. Even you don’t look like a yoga teacher, I really appreciate your support. You have awakened my senses and great inspired me!

In addition, I like to thank Michelle, Lars, Carol and many other teachers who have crossed my path. As stated in Yoga Sutra, I believe Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. I trust through Yoga, I'll find out what makes me happy, what's worth dying for, and what's worth living for. And I'll be happy to be who I am. My journey has just gotten started. I won’t forget why I decided to start, because it’s a long journey ahead...


Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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