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Yogi of October - Hsieh Su Yi

Finally it is my turn!

I’m so happy to see Felina back in SPACE. Thinking back six years ago, it was throught her special guidance and encouragement that I went from not really used to practicing yoga to loving yoga, from being timid to confident, from being modest to even more humble.

After years of battling in the dangerous and treacherous field of financial markets, I have garnered lots of mental and physical stress. I used to try to relieve it by doing active physical exercises. About six years ago, with a sense of fun, I went into SPACE and tried out yoga. When you first start practicing asana, of course the challenges will make you feel dejected. I asked Felina once if there was an age limit in practicing yoga. She answered that apparently not, because all her teachers were all up there in age.
With her loving encouragement, I started practicing yoga more formally. And through all the different SPACE teachers’ patient instructions, plus my own diligence, my yoga practice really progressed. Slowly, as I started to truly enjoy it, I went from practicing once a week to five or six times a week.

I also really enjoy the diverse views that each teacher has on yoga and the different sequencing in class. But, almost all the teachers will mention that yoga is not a competition, just practice at your own edge (I like that). It became one of my practicing principles.

I remember Naichin ‘s answer to a student’s inquiry about the difference between “Flow 1” and “Flow 2” was that “if in a Flow 1 class, you practice each pose with focus, mindfulness, and synchronize it with smooth, steady breath, you are already doing Flow 2 class” (I like that). After hearing that explanation, I was no longer afraid of taking Flow 2 class. It also became one of my practicing principles.

I like to thank all the SPACE teachers for their many years of guidance, especially Shirlyn for her personal instructions in almost every class,and in particular about the inner and outer spirals of the thighs, which has been tremendously helpful to my practice. Other special thanks are to: Chi for allowing me to have the courage to challenge inversions, dear Felina for letting me feel the humility, Naichin for the sense of wellbeing after her Flow 2 class, Denise for her thoughtful teachings (I wish her a “happy holiday”), Justin for his mindfulness and acceptance. Jay for his singularly integrated sequencing, and Lynn for creating a fun atmosphere and her playing music from my era…all these great experiences had made practicing yoga a wonderful journey for me.

I was first introduced to Anusara Yoga by Felina. Since then, I have attended John Friend’s workshop and now I have a better understanding of the principles of 3A, which are Attitude, Alignment, and Action. I hope one day I can develop a full understanding of them and can reach a state that I am able to embody them.

I like to thank one of my fellow practitioners, Frank, for introducing me to many of the SPACE students. It brought a lot of motivation and joy to my practice there. Lee Jing, Xiao An, little and big Alice, Ya-Qi, and Frank, they are all better candidates than I am as the member of the month. It is just that I’m order and have being around longer that it is now my turn.

Thank you SPACE for maintaining such a beautiful environment, making this a consistently wonderful journey. I believe SPACE must have always been very thoughtfully managed. Friends had asked what the biggest benefit I get out of practicing yoga, and I answer them with this: when we had our 38-year graduation reunion trip (and I don’t mean elementary school) around the island, I was voted the least changed (in the external appearance) since graduation by my fellow classmates.


Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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