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Yogi of December – Dee Chen

Being in the urban jungle of modern times, we are often confined to narrow spaces, forever living the monotonous patterns of our life. There are so many uncertainties in life that it is easy to lose one’s sense of security, thus depression and anxiety have become a cultural phenomenon.

I am very fond of classes like HI-LOW and HIP-HOP dance. They allow me to release accumulated tension and stress from work and daily life; however, these are just a temporary release to my stress.

Having worked out in the gym over the last years, yoga at first seemed rather foreign to me, I didn't think it would suit someone with a fast tempo like me. However, after a friend’s invitation I stepped into my first yoga class. It actually felt quite good.

Flexibility, muscular strength and endurance are crucial elements in the process of practice. With years of experience in dance, flexibility came easily to me but I lacked strength and endurance. I started to take aerobic kick boxing courses and Power Yoga to increase my muscular strength and endurance. In the midst of practice, I often had the thought to give up but the teacher always encouraged me, and I persevered. Perseverance is important in practice because success comes to those who makes effort.

Yoga may not resolve all problems, but it calms me down and uplifts my spirit, I am then able to see matters simply. A flat road ahead may not be interesting to walk on. It is the ups and downs that make life fuller.

Keep focus on each movement, enjoy each breath, use the regulation of breath to warm the body and to detox, massage the organs through various twists and turns, listen to the voice within and achieve harmony in the body, mind and spirit.. Nowadays, yoga to me is not just a collection of poses but a thoughtful friendship. It helped to realign my spine. My life has improved and I have said goodbye to days of aches and pains and rehabilitation. What a wonderful joy!

I have been a SPACE member for half a year now, there is so much to be thankful for I can hardly put it into words. The professional team of staff at SPACE creates such a great environment for all to learn and grow.

Yoga has become an inseparable part of my life,。I would like to thank Jay for his guidance over these past two years.

"Cherish the present moment. Live being soft and humble."

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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