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Yogi of Novemner – Zoe Lee

The Beginning

I live in a quiet alley off Tien –Mu East Rd, only a few steps away from SPACE YOGA. After walking by SPACE 100’s of times, I finally stepped inside. It was a sunny afternoon, actually it was Christmas Day more than one year ago. I went in full of curiosity and uneasiness but by the time I left I was filled with tranquility and joy.

Beautiful Encounter

Last time I experienced a type of exercise that caused me to sweat was when I played baseball as a teenager. After more than a decade of enjoying the simple comforts of a housewife, I experienced it again. This time I was on a small mat less than 1/100 the size of the baseball field. What's more fascinating is that when I felt the sweat dripping onto my mat, my mind was peaceful and focused and my breath steady and deep. From that moment on I was in love with yoga.

I started to discipline myself with a regular practice. Even though my body felt sore, I accept it with a humble heart. If I had been asked why I started a practice, I would have said it was out of curiosity. With a lot of courage I stumbled onto the path of yoga like a baby learning to walk. I do not need to know what the future will hold. I am confident that the answers will all come at the correct time.


I thank the kind receptionists at SPACE for there warm smiles. They give my morning practice a joyful beginning. I thank my first teacher Shirlyn Shih for teaching me the foundations of an asana practice. Her teachings ring in my ears everyday and remind me to practice alignment. I thank Amanda Lai for her fluid viniyasa classes and heart-felt stories. I thank Michelle Bradley for her simple yet philosophical words which often touch me and give me food for thought. They are like outstanding diving guides. With selfless love and passion, they lead me to explore this vast, beautiful world.


I call my yoga practice, "the beginning of wellness travel". It enables me to explore deep inside and re-discover myself. Each practice is like a short journey which allows me to stop, observe, discover, accept and change. These journeys not only soften my body, but also my heart. I become open to all of the happiness, anger, grief, bliss, birth, death, aging, illness in this world. I thank my thoughtful husband and children for supporting me unconditionally, allowing me to be immersed in this beautiful practice.

I wish to share chapter one, verse III from the Katha Upanishad with my family and all yogis.

Just imagine-
Imagine The Self sitting in the back of the carriage,
Body is the carriage, Buddhi the carriage rider,
And Mana (mind) is the rope in hand
Connecting to the other end is the horse, our Indriyas (senses)
That which create a world of so many things and happenings,
It is the path the carriage rides on.
If The True Self can be in harmony with body, mind and the senses,
He can then become one to take pleasure from the world and one active in doing.
So says the Rishi-
(translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati )

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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