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Yogi of July – Richard Chen

Life is a marvelous journey full of surprises. My love for Yoga came as a great surprise. More than a year ago, I tried Yoga at the gym. With encouragement from friends, I started practicing at SPACE. As a result, I gradually gave up my hobby of 20 years; jogging.

SPACE is like a big family that reaches out with warm arms to welcome students. Asana practice offers a journey into oneself. Yoga:Is it discipline or free will? Is it celebration or self-reflection? Is it flow or silence? Is it surrender or struggle? Letting go or competition? Awareness or habit? These are all just moments within a lifetime.

Yoga class does not solve the difficulties in life. After yoga, bills must still be paid, the weather is still too hot, parking is still difficult to find, our mood still fluctuates…. Yoga class can only be a temporary refuge from real life. Asana and Yoga practice provide a chance to still the mind, observe and accept oneself, to move towards the discovery of our inner light and to see the brighter side of reality, to surrender to our inner divinity. Even with its challenges, life is still worth celebrating.

After working in a hospital for almost 20 years, I came to understand the importance of balancing the body, mind and soul. This is foundation of health. Prevention is always better than treatment. On the way from the hospital to SPACE, I often thought to myself: what if the hospital staff began to treat patients as whole human beings, to treat the body-mind-soul. Yogis can also acknowledge western medicine. If these two worlds can come together there will be more possibilities for healing and growth.

After practicing for more than one year in SPACE, I experienced a selfless love and passion from the teachers. Chi, Felina, and Naichin offer classes that nourish the spirit with soul-full sharing during class, creative vinyasa, and energy. An intangible love helps to connect the teachers and students.

From the beginning to the end, life is like a yoga class, in each breath and each moment. Surprises come to those with an open heart, and one discovers how beautiful life is.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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We will focus on a different Asana every month and delve deep into and explore all its inherent possibilities!

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