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Yogi of June – Grace Chen

My life consists mostly of work. From early in the morning till late evening, I am at work. In order to maintain good health, I have tried various forms of exercise. With such a schedule, I rarely have time to exercise. Before I started Yoga, exercise for me was reduced to running on indoor tread meals or step masters. I did achieve certain benefits from theses exercises, but after a while I found them boring.

One day, a friend urged me to take a trial class at SPACE. During that first session, I followed the directions of the teacher and focused intently on the slow rhythm of my breath. I listened closely to the seemingly complex directions, all the while trying to sort out where to place my limbs. In the class, the teacher reminded us to:“Relax…focus on your body and breath” In my mind the only thing I could think of was, when will I be as steady as others in the Asanas?

After trying different types of classes, I discovered my favorite: HOT Yoga. I like to sweat and release toxins. In the beginning it was difficult, but after practicing again and again, I slowly found my balance. Now when I practice my mind becomes still and clear as I breathe deeply in the poses.

After three years of practicing yoga, I am so happy to see the growth of SPACE. Many thanks to Joanna who has accompanied me on this path. I enjoy her style of teaching. In the beginning of each practice, she often shares a simple story or inspiring thoughts to calm and help us focus our energy. When we chant OM together, I am able to set aside all of my thoughts from the day, my mind becomes clear and empty. In every asana practice I discover my potential. With every breath, I know what I can or cannot achieve, and I can enjoy the present moment in serenity.

There are times when I get lazy, but the body never lies. If I do not practice consistently, I can feel it in my next practice. The progress I made slips away. It’s like rowing a boat upstream. Every aspect of my practice helps me to understand myself more.

Its not important how many difficult or challenging poses I can do, but how much more I understand myself after each practice. I am often still busy with work at the office, but I try to make time for a regular practice. When I practice I always greet the day with a happy mood, enthusiasm and gratitude. Yoga facilitates a state of deep relaxation and helps me to unwind after a full day’s intense work. It leaves my mind and spirit feeling peaceful.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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