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Yogi of May – Pearl Liang

I took a brochure from SPACE Tien Mu when I was in the 8th grade. At that time I thought yoga was just for adults who wanted to lose weight. I found SPACE modern and fashionable. I was not persuaded to try a class until my friends urged me to give it a try.

I tried a Sunday morning flow class. Everybody was energized. I was trying hard to concentrate on the class. I did not understand a lot of the special Yoga terminology being used in class and found the movements difficult. I tried my best to look like everybody else. Everyone was focusing on their movements except for me. I was too busy watching everyone else. They were so quiet and focused and seemed to be truly in the present moment. I came for fun and didn’t want to be so serious. After the class, I was wet with sweat, but after Savasana my mood was rejuvenated. My body became a lot lighter. I felt the toxins that had accumulated inside my body from sitting and studying being flushed out.

I started taking regular yoga classes during my summer vacation. It took me some time to get familiar with all of the movements. The teacher urged us to leave all of our thoughts behind. It was impossible for me. My body felt relaxed from the practice but not my mind.

Later I discovered that I wasn’t really doing yoga with my heart. When I truly listened to the teachers words I was able to understand the other student’s one-pointed focus. Suddenly, there were no thoughts, no ideas, no monologues going on inside me. I cannot really express it with the words. I was simply living in the moment. It was as if I was watching myself moving into poses, watching others, and watching the world from outside myself.

As I repeat these movements in each class my life seems to get better. Now, I am able to keep a calm mind and know more clearly what I am doing from moment to moment. I look at things from a new perspective. I am better at dealing with stress and have become more peaceful. Yoga is so much fun and has many positive effects.

After one has a taste for Yoga, they will instantly fall in love with it. Many poses require a lot of practice, but the point is to experience the spirit of each class. You don’t need to practice daily or be perfect in the poses. All you need to do is focus in the class and you will find yourself. In this busy city yoga can be beneficial to every one. I hope you can find its beauty and joy.

SPACE offers a perfect environment for practice. I feel very lucky to have found SPACE. I thank Wawa for inspiring me to practice yoga. She has helped me a lot both mentally and physically. I also want to thank Manager Julia for all of her kindness. Yoga purifies our minds, and allows us to see the beauty of life.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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