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Yogi of March – Coral Wei

My job has become more demanding during these recent years. I am often challenged with the unfamiliar. My job gives me a lot of stress, and I sometimes feel like my life is out of control. Previously my work was easier because I had more authority to make decisions.

As a result of this stress, during the long working days I find myself growing more and more exhausted and my body becoming less and less healthy. One cool evening, I became determined to change my life by starting an exercise program and by finding a way to release my stress. I searched the internet and discovered SPACE.

That first class at SPACE was my first encounter with yoga. That day as I stepped onto my Yoga mat, I felt that I was embarking on an infinite, timeless journey. Yoga practice is not only about stretching and bending the body. One has to focus on breathing, observing the mind and learning to let go of the past and future. Suddenly, we are forced to face different challenges than those we have in our daily lives. Since the body is different everyday, no two yoga classes are the same. Yoga teaches us to listen to our body. One cannot use the logical mind to understand the wonders of Yoga. We practice to begin to understand ourselves. Everyone has a different body type and a different history. Therefore, each person will find different aspects of Yoga challenging. It is not what the poses look like but our attitude that is important. If we can approach each pose with a beginner’s mind, without expectation, and without using force, than we can begin to go deeper into our practice. The body is a reflection of the mind.

I want to thank each one of the SPACE teachers for sharing yoga with faith, devotion and persistence. When I encounter difficulties in my yoga practice, I listen to the patient instructions from the teachers, to give me the inspiration to stay courageously present. With each practice I feel my body and life changing.

At first I took yoga classes just to get a good workout. Before I knew it, Yoga became an integral part of my life. Through Yoga I feel a greater connection to the world and a deeper appreciation for life.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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We will focus on a different Asana every month and delve deep into and explore all its inherent possibilities!

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