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Yogi of January – David Huang

I have a passion for almost all sports including; basketball, badminton, tennis, and golf. From the the I was little until now(I am now 64) I have enjoyed an active lifestyle. For as long as I can remember exercise has been an integral part of my life. My wife, daughter, and son also enjoy sports. We often talk about sports at family gatherings and it makes me feel happy. There are not many middle class families who would set an exercise budget of 6 digits. Exercise has numerous positive effects such as health, confidence, happiness, and it brings people together. Believe me, these things cannot be bought with money!

What is yoga? For many years, it never occurred to me to try yoga. One day I woke up with an inspiration to find out what Yoga was. Though I was accustomed to a fast-paced life filled with basketball, aerobics and tennis, doing yoga felt very natural to me. I had been retired from work for some time, yet I had not changed my fast paced lifestyle. The relaxed pace and graceful movements attracted me to Yoga. As a result, I finally started to slow down. Gradually I began to experience a growing peace spreading from the inside out. This new found peace is a direct result of my Yoga practice.

I used to believe that to keep my body fit I needed to jog on the treadmill, lift weights, join aerobics daily and hike on Yangming Mountain on my days off. These exercises cannot be compared to Yoga. Now after practicing for some time, my temper has cooled off. I want to keep exploring Yoga and its mysteries.

Being supple is more powerful than being strong¡¨ used to just be a phrase to me. Slowly I am beginning to soften and understand many things. Those who have not started to practice cannot understand Yogas benefits. I am thankful to all the teachers who share their wisdom with an open-heart. I know every asana (such as Ardha Chandrasana, Bakasana) has a deeper meaning. The poses that look simple are often difficult. From Yoga I have learned to be more gentle.

Michelle's sweetness reminds me of nature. She has a sunny smile and a flowing teaching style. She tenderly attends to each student’s circumstances and needs. She guides each movement with gentle instructions. She does not say a lot yet meets every student’s needs.

Every morning I go to the studio for Mysore practice with sleepy eyes. Under the instructions of my beloved young teachers, Russell and Sally, I make progress daily and become more confident. Sometimes my body feels sore, but these pains soon disappear. There is a motto that the teachers always use: "Practicing makes it better. Keeps on practicing!"

Your attitude creates your practice. Through a touch practice one refines himself. My attitude about life has changed. I have become happier and stronger with less desires. I used to be very stiff and have difficulty bending forward. Now I can easily touch the floor. When I achieve poses that used to be difficult to me, such as inversions, my heart soars. Yoga has given me an alternative exercise philosophy. I am grateful for the patience of Sally, Russell, Axl, Gladys & Takei. I encourage all young people to practice yoga. If an older fellow like me can practice, you too can too!!

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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