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Yogi of September – Fion Chou

What is the meaning of yoga?
To me it is finding my place of calm and peace.

Fion Chou
Being one eager to do well in everything, other than time to sleep, I spend the rest of my 24 hours living ‘work'. With such stress, I often forget to take care of myself, forgetting that work is not the most important matter in life.  I have experienced having depression after a shopping spree, I have gone through numerous nights falling asleep in tears, days like these continued until I took the path of yoga. Much have changed since.

To be honest, my original intent to practice yoga was so I can be one following the trend. I thought that if I have something to do with yoga, it is of fashion.  The first yoga session broke all the fad illusions I had, I was not able to reach the floor in forward bends, the back of my thighs were screaming like crazy in Down Dog, even in Child Pose I can result in spasms in the foot!  I was completely defeated when I saw classmates at the front roll enjoying each pose with smiles.

In such a haste, my first yoga session ended.  The amazing thing was, after class, even though my body felt sore, it was accompanied by a sense of relief.  I felt more at peace than I did before the class.  On my way home, even the sunshine seemed beautiful, and a smile eased on my face.

In quick succession I practiced a second then a third yoga sessions, later practicing three to four times a week with consistency.  I also participated in my first ever workshop.  Due to the continuous practice, I began to discover that chanting mantra and practicing Ujjayi breathing bring about calm and resonant energy, appeasing the heart.  Just recently, I completed 200 hours Teacher's Training and have started my yoga teaching.

Now everyday after work I enjoy 1.5 hour of practice, it is a beautiful time finding self, finding peace.  I enjoy the time apart from work to design my teaching curriculum.  I enjoy all that yoga has given me.

Great thanks to classmates who have practiced with me, your collective energy fuels my motivation to practice.  Thanks to SPACE for offering such quality space to practice yoga, and thanks to my teacher Felina, I know my postures are sometimes not so perfect (more often scattered and confused ) but I always get words of encouragements from you: Beautiful! Good job! Because of your positive teaching full of love, I began to converse with my body, encouraging myself to take several more breaths, to set a solid foundation, and shine forth.

I give thanks to Naichin and Kent, who have guided me so in Teacher's Training. Naichin with her character of a child infused the program with much laughter.  Often when I was at the brink of giving up, I was encouraged to find my passion for yoga.
And because of Kent's great acceptance, introducing us various teaching techniques with all the best intentions, I was able to be closer to yoga.  It was your dedicated teaching that I came to understand the effort all teachers put in into teaching and learning, on this never ending path of study. It was because of this that I am now able to take this opportunity to share my beloved yoga with my family and my students.
Lastly, may all find the serenity and infinite light in heart on this path of yoga.



Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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