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Yogi of August – Jean Chao

I used to use busy schedule as an excuse for my sore neck and stiffness before I started yoga. Two years ago, I realized I shouldn't use shiatsu to temporarily quiet my body and I want to find an outlet for my anxieties.  The reasons I chose yoga is quite simple: 1st I don't like sunshine so I want an indoor activity. 2nd I cannot bear wearing old-fashioned sportswear so elegant dresses is another concern.  I chose yoga because it is indoors and offers plenty of good choices for colorful dresses.  I never thought about stuffs like body, mind, and spiritual balance.

In my two years of yoga experience, at the beginning, I was so anxious to achieve some postures that I made myself a gymnaste and put breath aside.  For the first few months, I felt as if I were torn apart: sore, painful and burned out after practice.  On a sudden occasion, I went to Anusara led by Felina.  Each class begins with seated meditation and invocation chanting.  We observe attentively the subtle resonance between breath and body. Postures that looked simple are consisted of numerous small actions such as thighs out, tailbone down, lower back full.  I build up my confidence in a series of basic posturess.  Along the practice of emptying my thoughts and focusing my mind, my body sometimes responds to me with surprising and delighting progresses.

After practice, the body becomes light, the heart full and I become at peace for the rest of the day.  Greek philosopher Taillus was asked the following question: what do you think is the biggest challenge for a human being in his entire life?  Taillus answered, to know yourself.  In yoga practice, we get to know the possibilities of our bodies by different asanas, and we experience the depth of our mind by each breath.  We move beyond ourselves in each postures, accept ourselves and love ourselves.

Just like what Felina said, if yoga becomes the center of our life, then each time we recharge our tired mind in the center and move on.  We will no longer get lost, or become lonely, instead, life will be full of joys.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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We will focus on a different Asana every month and delve deep into and explore all its inherent possibilities!

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