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Yogi of June – Renee Hsu

About a year ago, my understanding of Yoga was still that it was the skill of putting legs behind one’s neck.  Honestly. I came to yoga out of pure curiosity, under a friend’s strong recommendation. Interestingly, first time I came to SPACE I felt part of this big family already.

When I began practicing, I started noticing the stiffness and unbalance of my body that I never noticed before. Through Yoga practice, many wonderful things also started happening to me.  My lower back soreness and shoulder pain from office work was gone, and my mind became calmer too.  In every Asana practice I learned to face my body with honesty, as well as to accept my imperfection, which in turn helped me to be more tolerant of others.  I learned to feel my body without comparing with others.  Gradually, I discovered the immense possibilities of it.

From Pranayama and meditation, I saw the “I” who was once deeply hurt that had been ignored for the longest time.  Facing that part of me maybe cruel, but my teachers’ reminder of setting the “intention” for my practice also came up.  I told myself to set “love” as my intention, and I saw that when I truly love myself others would love me.  Whenever negative thoughts emerged, I first recognized it and then learned to let go.  Through opening of my mind and my heart, I have become positive to accept what-is.

Yoga is a way to find myself back.  It happens in every breath, thought, and experience.  It makes me healthy, and it saturates my heart with rain of Life.  In my continuous practice I only discover the miracle in every being, which brings me joy, gratitude, self-confidence, and balance.  I’m especially thankful to my first teacher Naichin, as well as Chris and Felina, who have ceaselessly given me guidance, and nurtured me with all the positive energy.  This is wonderful experience and true amazing Grace.  I hope to continue my yogic journey and become a real yogi.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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