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Yogi of January 2007 ─ Gina Hsieh

It was pure coincident that I came across Ashtanga.  If it wasn’t because my two favorite teachers were abroad at the same time, I would not have give it a try.  I remember vividly how I felt after my very first Ashtanga class.  I was soaked by sweat, not sure how I carried myself through those Vinyasa waves.  From then on I became addicted to it.

After learning Yoga, there are often bottlenecks that I have to overcome.  Even though teachers are always encouraging, such as “practice and everything will come”; I inevitably get frustrated because I couldn’t achieve a certain pose.  When I was able to do a pose that I never thought of that I could do, that sense of fulfillment right on the spot was beyond words. It makes all the practice worth it.  We all need to taste this by simply trying.  In the midst of this, I also realize that we create limitations by thinking small of ourselves.  When we let go of the old pattern all the impossible become possible.  Just like when we encounter difficulties in our life, the only way to go through it is to accept it, face it, and to solve it.

What I benefit the most from Yoga is that I learn to look at all things with a more modest and tolerant heart.  Thank to the teachers at SPACE, I’ve enlarged by horizon quite a bit.  It is as if I gradually know how to have a dialogue with myself when I stood on the mat.  I also understood that it is a difficult lesson to be honest to myself.  I get to know a new “Me” by accepting my imperfection and falling in love with that imperfection.

Close your eyes and clear your heart.  Empty your thoughts, you’ll see that the world is a big place and that it makes no sense to insist having attachment, hatred, and ignorance that creates lots of pain for us.  It’s a long journey, and hope we all enjoy the ride.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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