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Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

2024/3/8-3/10 3-Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Gopala Amir Yaffa

2024/9/9-9/15 7-Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Gopala Amir Yaffa

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Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family mission and lovingly born in 2007, to give people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative in-person and online yoga classes for kids, teens, families, partners, and communities. Rainbow Yoga is interactive and social and all about connection; we touch, hug, move, breathe and co-create together our yoga magically and playfully.

Rainbow Yoga offers a variety of unique and comprehensive teacher training certification courses all over the world offering a well-rounded, in-depth learning experience through a combination of play, practical theory, and fun.The Rainbow Yoga Teacher training is renowned for being captivating, dynamic, loving, and life changing. It is condensed with a lifetime of knowledge and hands-on experience from the Founders of Rainbow Yoga, Gopala, and Angel Yaffa. Delivered by world-class faculty around the world.

SPACE Academy X Gopala|

Become an Inspirational Educator of Children's Holistic Growth

Date: 2024.01.20 (Sat.)
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM (via zoom)
Host by Gopala Amir Yaffa
Free Sign up: Accupass

Send email to SPACE Academy : to sign up or contact SPACE YOGA An-Ho studio 02-27738108

Family Yoga Community Class

Join Gopala, the founder of Rainbow Kids Yoga as we unite in stretching, dancing, and shaking ourselves into a realm of joy and togetherness!

Bring your family along for a special Yoga Dance Party with synchronized dance movements, Yoga asanas, collaborative poses with partners and groups, and a touch of acro-yoga. You will be accompanied by uplifting rave beats and an abundance of warm embraces and boundless affection!

Meet an eclectic mix of individuals, including our cherished Rainbow Yoga graduates.
It's time to gather and revel in some seriously enjoyable moments!

*Attire: Dress to dazzle for a vibrant party ambiance!
You are welcomed to bring one 3-9 years old child with you and enjoy the class together.

Date: 2024 Mar. 11th (Mon.)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Fee: NT$ 500
Instructor: Gopala Amir Yaffa
Sign up: Accupass


  • Participants shall sign in 5 minutes before the class, late-comers will not be allowed enter.
  • Mobiles are not allowed into the classroom in order to maintain the best quality of the talk.
  • Shoes, food and drinks are NOT allowed in the studio. Please take off your shoes when arriving the studio.
  • SPACE will video record and photograph the session for our records and promotion purposes.
  • SPACE reserves the right to change, amend, modify any terms and conditions of this program, as well as the right to cancel, terminate, amend or suspend this program.

Course Overview

The 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to practice and learn to teach yoga while laughing, dancing, playing and singing! The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and intensive, with practical theory, discussions and TONS OF FUN! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and tons of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world.

Our trainings are packed full with practical tools for you to create infinite number of fun and engaging yoga classes that are sure to capture the children and the parent's hearts.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Age-appropriate class structure from Toddlers (age 1.5) to teens (18)
  • Class management tips and ideas for bringing everyone together
  • Yoga for Children with Special Needs
  • Creating a Family Yoga class (for parents and kids to do together)
  • Enlightened Business - how to promote your yoga business in a yogic and efficient way
  • Discovering your teaching voice

In the Training you will Learn

  • How to make Yoga FUN for all age groups!
  • Over 350 yoga poses for kids
  • Creative yoga games
  • Breathing and meditation games suitable for kids
  • Guided Imagery and other Relaxation techniques
  • Partner Acrobatics, Human Pyramids, Flying Yoga and other ways to make Yoga super COOL!
  • Partner and Community Yoga for Kids & Teens
  • Thai massage and other ways to connect, give and receive

Suitable for

  • anyone who loves working with kids or loves yoga
  • parents to find new ways to connect with their children
  • Child psychologists, pediatric physiotherapists, pediatric occupational therapists, nurses, speech therapists, nannies and many other therapists
  • wants to expand a current related profession

Training Dates

2024 will hold 2 training events, you may choose one to attend.

  • 9/6-9/8 3-Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training - Christina Lin (in Madarin)

Daily schedule

09:00 – 12:00 Various Topics on Kids Yoga, Class Samples
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 – 18:30 Lectures, Activities & Group work

*Subject to change. Any changes will be notified well in advance. 

Completion Provides

  • Rainbow Yoga is a Registered School of Yoga and a Registered Children's Yoga Training with Yoga Alliance (USA), Yoga Alliance (UK) and Yoga Australia.
  • RKY Internationally Recognized Certificate
  • Registration and listing on the RKY website
  • 28 hours of CEU credits for Yoga Alliance
  • The RKY Complete manual (PDF version)

Be a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) – the most amazing job in the world!

You'll learn directly from Gopala Amir Yaffa, the founder of Rainbow Kids Yoga, as he takes you on a magical adventure full of joy, surprises, and fun. It is an extraordinary opportunity to further your yoga-teaching career in just seven days! A perfect blend of profound learning and having fun!

Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) 95-hour Program

This 95-hour training has non-contact hour modules and contact hour modules. The non-contact hour modules are meant to be completed as pre-course preparation in order to maximize your learning.


  • Rainbow Kids Yoga 3-day Teacher Training (28-hour)
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga 7-day Teacher Training (63-hour)

*you must have completed first one of our 3-Day Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings before starting 7-Day training program.


Reading Assignment
Read the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, reflect on it and answer questions we will provide you with. We believe that to be a Kids Yoga teacher you need to remember how it was to be a kid and to be able to connect to that part of yourself. This book provides an insight into this.

*Please submit the assignments to with a heading: 95 Hour TT Assignment.



Rainbow Kids Yoga 7-day Teacher Training has been designed as an extension to the 3-day training. While in the 3-day training you do acquire all the tools you need to plan and teach the most super fun yoga classes, in this training we dive deeper than ever before into this perfect blend of having fun and profound learning.


    As it relates to children's yoga.
    As a way to transform yourself and become a better kids yoga teacher. Learn how to transmit those values and life lessons to children in a practical way.
    Specialization in Teaching Yoga to Children in the Classroom with creative ways to teach kids focus, relaxation and stretching. Prepare their mind and body for studying at school, without moving the chairs or tables.
    Specialization in Yoga for Children with Additional Needs. For both physical and cognitive challenges. Including Chair Yoga, Yoga in Bed, Yoga with the Wall and Yoga for Children with Low Mobility. Learn to physically move them through yoga sequences.
    Learn how to create endless creative and cool yoga sequences, including Rainbow Human Mandalas using our secret Rainbow recipe and principles.
    Open your creativity and your dramatic talents with drama and storytelling techniques.
    Find your excited and motivating teacher voice so that your students listen to you. Transmit your teacher's purpose in a digestible and fun way with children.
    Deepen your knowledge and practice of how to adjust children in yoga poses. Learn how to help them do poses better and hold them for longer.
    This course contains lots of supervised class planning and teaching practice. Each class plan and teaching practice is followed by feedback from Gopala and our team so that you can learn and progress quickly to the most amazing kids yoga teacher out there!

Course Structure

Module 1: Teaching Rainbow Kids Yoga to Children with Special Needs:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Low mobility
  • In the hospital
  • Chair bound

Module 2: Teaching Rainbow Kids Yoga at School

  • Mindfulness
  • Chair Yoga
  • Focus skills
  • Mental preparation for exams and test anxiety
  • Bullying prevention
  • Stress management
  • Confronting obesity in a positive way

Module 3: Teaching Yoga to Teenagers:

  • Connecting with this age group
  • Combining yoga with dance, drama and acrobatics
  • Empowering and creating self-esteem

Module 4: Learn Experiential Yoga Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Age-appropriate adjustments
  • Growing bodies
  • Developmental stages
  • Safe practice
  • Body Systems

Module 5: Teaching Skills:

  • Finding your teacher's voice
  • Extensive teaching practice with Gopala Amir Yaffa, the Founder of Rainbow Yoga
  • Rainbow Partner Yoga and Group Poses
  • Elements of vinyasa flow sequencing




09:00-18:30 Daily (including break time)


The extended Rainbow Kids Yoga 95-hour training manual (PDF version) will be sent to you via email.


Rainbow Yoga is a Registered School of Yoga and a Registered Children's Yoga Training with Yoga Australia, The Canadian Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK).

  • Yoga Alliance approved 95-hour Children's Yoga Certification.
    Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT200/RYT500) are able to earn the additional specialty designation of Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) by completing the Rainbow Kids Yoga 95 Hour Teacher Training.
  • Registration on Rainbow Kids Yoga website as a Yoga Alliance Certified Children and Family Yoga Master.

I'm a man of action and when I see a need for change I'm compelled to move in this direction.

I believe many children are misunderstood by grownups because grownups have forgotten how it was to be a child. And often grownups are misunderstood by their own kind because they fail to remember that they are just big kids and they need to play too. When I was a teenager and felt misunderstood by grownups I vowed to remember how it was to be a child, and since then I'm fascinated by the way children see the world and interact with it.

I started practicing yoga and meditation when I was 14 and ran away from home to India when I was 16. Then the adventure began and I ended up being a Hindu monk for 10 years at the Sivananda Ashrams around the world.

I have been teaching yoga since 1995 and have dedicated a big part of this journey to yoga for children and families. But at a certain point I noticed that grownups are missing on all the fun and need some help in reconnecting to each other and to the lighter side of our busy reality… so I started a yoga revolution making the practice social and interactive.

I had a few yoga studios along the way, trained thousands of yoga teachers and now my beautiful wife Angel and I are spreading concepts that are bigger than yoga, such as love and community, through our international organization – Rainbow Yoga. We have a beautiful family of 4 amazing children, Emily, Oli, Delphin and Indigo, and are inspired to continue travelling the world to share our passion for life.

2024/9/6 -8 - Christina Lin

Identity Early Bird Price Register till 7/17 Pre-training Price Register between 7/18~8/14 Regular Price
SPACE members/SPACE 200/500 Graduates NT$ 24,800 NT$ 26,800 NT$ 30,500
Non-SPACE members NT$ 27,000 NT$ 28,600

2024/9/9-15 Rainbow Kids Yoga 7-Day Teacher Training - Gopala Amir Yaffa

Identity Early Bird Price Register till 7/17 Pre-training Price Register between 7/18~8/14 Regular Price
SPACE members/SPACE 200/500 Graduates NT$ 51,510 NT$ 55,320 NT$ 63,590
Non-SPACE members NT$ 55,960 NT$ 59,770
3-Day + 7-Day Package NT$ 70,350 NT$ 75,720 NT$ 91,300

*Group Offer for 2 can get SPACE member rate discount.

Sign up

  • Please click [Sign up] to register the course and complete the payment process.


  • Location: SPACE Cycle Ming-Yao studio
  • Minimum of registration to hold the course: 20 students
  • Depending on the teacher's discretion, students may sound record, take video or photos (no flash) for personal use as long as it is not distracting, but please do not post videos on public platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, etc).
  • SPACE will video record and photograph the training for our records and promotion purposes.
  • To register and reserve your space for the course, please first fill out the online application form then complete the payment process.
  • If you have any questions regarding the course, please email or call SPACE YOGA An-Ho studio : 02-27738108

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