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Teacher of June 2013 - Sharon

Seven Years in a Blink of the Eye

I'm grateful to all my students and colleagues for their support and encouragement all of these years. Yoga is everywhere in my life. Growing up I had wanted to be a doctor and now I use yoga as a tool to help students to heal themselves physically and mentally. Yoga is so deeply rooted in my life; it influences every single aspect of it, from how I live and play to what I wear and eat. I feel very fortunate to be on this path.

Down-to-earth Cooking

I enjoy using simple cooking methods to prepare fresh vegtables and fruits, allowing the natural flavors and fragrances to emerge. My fellow teacher and a good friend, Lynn, is quite a culinary talent and I love to hear her talk about her new discoveries in cooking. To me, not overly indulge and knowing what the body needs are important when it comes to eating. While I'm not a pure vegetarian, but I do follow mostly a vegetarian diet.

Comfort before Fashion

This only represents my own personal point of view regarding clothing. No matter what I do, be it teaching, exercising, walking or meditating, I feel good as long as my clothes are comfortable. Every time when I travel to an underdeveloped country, I'm always reminded to appreciate what I have when I see people in tattered clothes. In India, men and women are all dressed from head to toe in one long piece of cloth. This cloth could be colorful and fancy or simple and elegant. It is environmentally friendly, stylish and convenient. I'm not in favor of wearing clothes made out animal skin or fur, but they seemed to be everywhere. Not actively purchasing this type of clothing is the least I can do for these animals.

The Joy of Early Morning Lights and Songbirds

I don't really know feng shui, but I think a good living space is one that's bright and airy, and provides a sense of peace and security. I like using potted plants and flowers to decorate my home. Its earthly soil makes me feel grounded. Life sprouts out of its nurturing and as life ends it dissolves back to the dusty ground. Occasionally, I like to use mint or bergamot essential oils to purify the air at home, making it more soothing and my nasal passages more open. When I'm meditating, I like to light up Tibetan incense. Its sandal wood fragrance always makes me feel steady and tranquil.

Loving Travel

Only travelling can fulfill my curiosity of the foreign lands, that desire of wanting to know and see nature and other cultures. Through my travels, I also discovered that even though everyone may speak a different language, but the way we express spirituality is all so similar. Travelers from far away land usually don't have much pretense; they are very much who they are. The experience of conversing with them, coming to an understanding of each other's thought process and background made me realize how precious and rich life is.

All together now I've been to over more than ten countries. Egypt and Bhutan were two of the most unforgettable places that I've been to. In the former, seeing the relics of its ancient culture that have being through the rise-and-falls of many dynasties, the wall paintings of the tombs and temples and the beauty of the Nile River and the Red Sea, have enriched my impression of the Egyptian culture. With the latter, “the last Shangri-La”, I saw people living lives of 100% organic diets in a country where 70% of its forest is primary forest. The first time I tasted the water from melted snow of Himalayas, its sweetness was surprising. There, you can always see the Bhutanese happily smiling. Their friendliness made me felt so welcomed. Not everything went so smoothly when I was travelling, but when difficulties arose, I've always tried to face them with courage and positivity. It was the experience of overcoming adversity that was the most rewarding part of my travels.

Live and Learn. Happiness is in the Change of Perspective.

To know that I have so much more to learn and I have so many opportunities to learn them is such an exciting thing! Seeking knowledge is like quenching a thirst for me. I'm also aware of my own good fortune, not only do I appreciate it, I also hope to create more to share with others. Likewise, with learning, I believe it is important to keep on learning, not only do I appreciate the opportunities to learn that were given to me, I also hope I can share my learned knowledge with others. This year, I received my Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 designation (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at 500-hour level). This was just a small milestone. I will continue my studies towards the path of therapy and it is my hope to help more people who are in need of healing.

All beings are equal. Understand your own duty. Choose to face it with positivity. Be it praise or criticism, be receptive, grateful and reflective. Change your state of mind, and you shall see love is everywhere.


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