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Teacher of Feburary 2012 - Carol Huang
“Be open, do something that is about the doing and not the result.”

“Change” often happens when you are unaware of it. You have no way of telling when and how it will take place. Life always has its own way of unfolding and it can even surprise you sometimes.

Prior to March 2006, I was just an ordinary nine-to-five office worker. Most of my life was about work. At that time, I often felt my life was like a sponge, unconsciously absorbing all kinds of water from the outside world, and it made me felt oppressed and heavy. Even my body felt weighed down from a boring, immobile lifestyle.

In March 2006, tired of this heaviness and fatigue, I quit my job!

Wanting to feel “light”, I started practicing yoga and my body at the time felt like a rusty machine due to long-term lack of care. After awhile, my original intention and focus for practicing started to shift. As I got deeper and deeper into my practice, it was no longer about the end result but rather just the process itself, I started to notice that my attitude towards life has unexpectedly changed. I have learned to soften in the areas that were too harsh and rigid and to be strong in areas that were too soft.

Once you let go of any goals in your practice, you don’t just feel the body, your awareness can go much deeper into the heart. The flow of energy during practice is like a ray of sunshine in a winter afternoon, slowly and warmly illuminating every corner of the body. To express this feeling even more concretely, it is like standing beneath the sun, with your eyes closed and the warmth of sun you feel on your face just makes you feel so content and joyful. When you practice, it is like having that same warmth inside your heart. Along with the rhythm of the body, you forget the ticking of the time. You simply abide in the breath moment to moment.

If it is only about seeking, about giving meaning and definition to every situation and things, life probably only exhibits itself as “busyness”. When is time to relax, you should just let yourself do something that does not require an answer, an end. Be open to allow practice just be about practice, time just being time, and let yoga return to yoga. It is through the process of actual experience, does one realize being present is this real and yet common.

The famous Czech writer, Milan Kundera has once said: "there are two kinds of journey, one is only for reaching the destination, which makes life a matter of two points, birth and death; the other involves vision and mind in the scenery and events along the way, which results in a rich life". Yoga is the most beautiful scenery along the journey of my life. Wishing everyone can also experience this beauty.


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