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Teacher of August 2011 - Prema Chang

Yogic Journey
In the spring of 2005, I embarked on my journey with my first ever yoga class.
Ateeka was the teacher who initiated me on the path.
My main teachers since were Stephen Thomas, Keshava Qiu, and Ashish Tiwari.
In the spring of 2011, I was honored to join the SPACE family.

Yoga is the Art of Awakening
Asana, sculpture in perpetual motion.
On the outside, appearing still.
On the inside, moving with tranquility and steadiness.

Traversing beneath the surface is the subtle, refined flow of energy,
Yet displaying above is the harmonious interplay of the sculpture and the universe.

Pure awareness, pre-existing, awakened by this constant motion.

An exhibition hall is what the world is like.
Every living being on the mat,
Every living being off the mat,
Forms and shapes the art of life.

Awareness awakens life’s experience.
Breath enlivens each of the sculptures.

Breath is the Music of Life’s Flow
The breath flows in and out,
The freedom of life is felt
Like a cloud, free with egoless existence.

The breath expands the space within,
The essence of the heart is taken in:
Tolerance, acceptance, humility…

When the heart is open and the breath is heard,
With it,
Hear the divinity within,
Surrender to the power beyond,
In stepping with Tao’s rhythm,
All will be clear.

Love is the Source of Creation
Love is the true nature of life.

As a tool, each being applies its unique quality
In service of others.
Through which, love is tangibly expressed.
Like a crystal clear mirror,
Its energy reflects back
Sensed by all others
And the universe that’s selfless.

When all that we see is the manifestation of love,
Know all that in life will be arriving with it.



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