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Teacher of April 2011 - Patia Yeh

Yoga is the most wonderful present I have ever received in my life. It was yoga that led me onto this path.

Yoga has allowed me to see the divinity in all things; its amazing existence is omnipresent; it exists in the woods, in the sea. It is in the every motion of our daily lives, in the exchange of words and emotions between individuals, in each inhalation and exhalation. And of course, it is in each movement on the mat.

With my asana practice, I found a way to coexist with my body and gradually I also got to know and understand myself better. Starting my meditation practice was a need that came from deep within, a need to learn to integrate my body, mind and spirit. Slowly, these learnings didn’t just only occur on the yoga mat or the meditation seat, more importantly, they also became a way of life for me, a part of my every thought and breath.

Through yoga, I came to understand that “only when there is true inner peace, one can have true joy and contentment. The external world is simply the manifestation of our internal world and the desire to endlessly changing ourselves, at the same time expecting the outside world to continually satisfied us is as impossible as catching a fish by climbing a tree.“  After each asana or meditation practice, my heart was always filled with unparallel peace and tremendous bliss and contentment. It is the impetus for me to keep on stepping on the yoga mat and continuing my meditation practice time after time.

I always love sharing with students the idea that:”Asana is a tool for our soul to find its way home. As for what exactly is that tool? It is not important. What is important is whether or not it has its intended results.” When I’m meditating, I try to let the impurities of my mind and body to slowly dissolve away. It is the only way to not let the asana practice become self-centered and competitive. It is also the only way to still our thoughts.

On the path of life, there are hundreds and thousands of situations await us. Fortunately, we have the wisdom of yoga to guide us along the way. With consistent practice and faithful belief, we can be filled with courage and power on our future path.

Aside from well wishes, I also want to thank every partner I had on this path, including all the teachers who ever taught or shared their wisdom and all the students in my classes. I wish we can fully enjoy life’s every single moment and I also wish we can share our energy with everyone around us!

Love Love Love

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