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Teacher of January 2009 - Axl & Gladys

Having walked through seven years of ups and downs,
The Prince and the Princess may not live happily ever after.
However, in trusting love,
hand in hand,
two hearts melt as one.

On October 7, 2008 Axl and Gladys had a simple wedding cermeony vowing to spend their lives loving and supporting each other. This naturally simple and warm wedding ceremony was filled with blessings from family and friends. The cozy banquet after reflected their love together. Through the trials of time love may not always be extravagant, but with every little effort it illuminates beautiful heartfelt joy.

He is sometimes too blunt and speaks straight from his heart. After years of learning how to love, he came to realize that: Even though one may start off with good intentions, if one is too quick to express their opinion they may overlook the other’s feelings. Speaking with too much honesty may be hurtful to the one you love. Thus when he heard the following passage: "Face obstacles with compassion and face smooth paths with kindness", he began to understand how to speak the truth softly.

After years of sharing time together, he understands that laughter brings the two of them closer together. When one indulges in happiness through quick entertainment(video games,etc.) it veils the heart with ignorance and greed. Whenever this desire surfaces in his mind, he reminds himself to follow the wisodm of Yoga, "Focus on activities which increase your wsidom." (Gladys says: For example, spend time with your wife and help with the house chores…")

When they were first together, she was attentive and thoughtful, and could not adjust to his lack of consideration and his insistance on doing as he wished. Romantic love is a woman’s dream, and it was once her desire. The wisdom of yoga remind us: "Love is about giving without expectation. Love is based on need, not desire". This allowed her to see he was making an effort. Thus, when he sometimes acted carelessly, or when his stubborn laziness was challenging, she calmly reminded herself: It is my fear that is worrying, My greed that is reacting, And my ignorance that is being angry. Rather than trying to change others with force, wisdom and compassion allow us to simply accept and forgive. (Axl says: So it is all right I play PSP and watch TV every now and then, that’s not asking too much, right?)

On October 7, 2008 Axl and Gladys were given a certificate of marriage. This is a reminder for them to be attentive to one anothers needs and is an expression of their commitment to love one another. This certificate is not a diploma, just as yoga, is an endless path of learning, love also takes an entire lifetime to master.

From practicing on the mat to taking one step at a time to live yoga, Axl and Gladys give great thanks to all. While sharing their passion for yoga with others, they wish to cultivate awareness and patience through the Ashtanga asana practice,as well as to be kinder to themselves and all sentient beings.

「One endowed with this unperturbed evenness of mind abandons the effects of both good and bad actions even here itself. Therefore strive for this state of Yoga. Yoga is skill in action. 」
(Bhagavad Gita II.50)


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