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Teacher of December 2008 - Jay Jen

Sometimes life transforms as if by magic. Three years ago, I was a police officer and now I am a full time yoga teacher. This change of roles may be difficult for others to understand.

Being a police officer requires one to work irregular shifts, As a result, I felt the obvious decline of my health. Furthermore, I have always disliked strenuous sports. I believed I did not have a single athletic cell in my body and was not able to exercise to improve my body condition.

It was by chance that I stepped into a yoga class for an introduction to power yoga. From that experience I discovered how long one hour can feel. I felt as if I had sweated out an entire year's worth of sweat in just one hour. The soreness and fatigue did not keep me from going back for more, Instead I continued to practice consistently and enjoyed the inner transformation that took place.

After practicing yoga for over seven years, my attitude has changed from being competitive to the gradual understanding of how yoga philosophy contains such depth and importance. In the beginning I simply wanted to be able to do the splits and to put my foot behind my head. In order to bring yoga into our daily life it is essential to keep a consistent practice, and to look into that 1% of yoga philosophy. Once I started reading the yoga sutras, it changed my perception of yoga. I began to understand. that without a depth of spiritual study, practice would be like a body without soul.

I put great value and focus on cultivating spiritual growth,Currently, yoga to me is a way of living, a life style, I intentionally cater my diet to the practice and interact with people and daily life through a "yogi’s eyes." Clothes in my closet have gone from name brands to those which are more affordable and friendly, and my ways of living have returned to being authentic and natural.

"Happiness is living simple." I am surprised to see all the changes I have undergone. Before I am turn 30, I would love to share this great transformative pracitce with everyone I know, to share this beautiful celebration of life together.


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