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Teacher of October 2008 - Denise Hsieh

Do you know how a see saw works? When I was little, I loved playing on the seesaw, finding balance between the two ends. The purity of a child dwells in every person. God gave me wonderful gifts - innocence and playfulness.

Inner Warrior:

Practicing yoga allows us to re-connect with our inner child, to uncover our true, authentic state of being and to discover the natural rhythm of the breath. A warrior resides in each person’s heart, one who is constantly transforming and growing. Through the various stages of life, each person will experience both gifts and challenges. In yoga, the warrior poses are powerful and challenging, but afterwards we experience a celebration of joy. Our inner warrior goes through a transformation, our power increases and we find the strength to face the challenges of daily living. My first thought upon waking up each morning is: Am I ready? Can I welcome a new cycle of life? Be ready to fight!

In Section 30 of chapter III in Bhavagad Gita it says, Do not expect results from your actions. Surrender yourself, stop the anxiety and struggle.

Inspiring potential:

Each day is a new beginning, waking to the potential of our inner warrior, giving us the opportunity to explore the self. Everyone has an ideal image for himself. Like building a house, a castle, a skyscraper, or a mansion -to be closer to achieving the highest goal- one needs a good blueprint, a solid structure and a strong foundation. The idea of building houses applies to practicing yoga. The structure of the house is similar to the physical techniques of yoga, and the foundation of the house is our mental ability and the depth of our spiritual practice.

This concept reminds me that, I must first learn to avoid injuries brought on by lack of awareness or preparation. When I practice asana; the basic concepts of alignment, a focused mind and the power of joy are what allow me to fully enjoy being present in the moment.


Calmness is the key to success. Many spontaneous decisions are blocked by our thoughts and emotions. Only when we reduce the fluctuations of the mind can we create a balanced state of being. Only through self reflection can we rise out of the darkness and find our own sunshine.

I give my utmost gratitude to all those in the yoga community, to Matthew for giving me this opportunity, to the senior teachers for their nurturing spirits and for sharing their love and energy, to the SPACE girls for their hard work, and to each and every student who has a passion for yoga. It is through yoga that we connect and unite. May this SPACE community grow and spread the energy of love infinitely.


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