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Teacher of September 2008 - Rachel Lee

In the world of music, some prefer hip hop, some fall for rock 'n roll, and some pursuit classical. While Kun Qu Opera and Chinese Opera have gradually been forgotten by our generation, it is passionately embraced by the French.

I wonder if you've ever had the experience where a picture on the table or a melody in your head suddenly relaxes you, and takes you into an unanticipated realm of tranquility. Occasional true relaxation for a moment or two may bring a simpler and more direct sense of ease than sitting on the yoga mat practicing meditation grudgingly. With such mood, unlimited expectations, one seems to fall in love more easily.

Often times, new acquaintance asks, "So, you must be very flexible. Can you bring your leg above your head?" After a 90-minute session, questions usually increase to a crump. Yoga may seem easy to understand yet vaguely. That 'OM' shows up often, and Sri Patanjali sounds familiar, and maybe fasting and abstinence can speed up the learning process! All of these question marks wander around. And what motivates me to clench my teeth and insist through one asana after another? Then we meet again the next day filled with expectations. After numerous trials and groping, breathing smoothens, and the mind becomes stable, practice becomes something you look forward to. We begin to share our experiences and our joy.

Nothing is more natural than this!

Maybe yoga becomes a song in your iPod duly decorates your life; maybe it becomes a master you admire, enlightens your world and answers your questions; maybe it becomes as easy and necessary just as breathing is for everyone; and finally you are able to wander freely, in the world of learning life, living yoga.

SPACE YOGA offers a great environment to practice yoga, more selection, and many instructors who are gladly to interact with students. Just when you have grasp a direction, don't neglect what motivates you is that warm and passionate heart driving you daily.

Just as these simple notes brings personal experience at different time, in different form and style, let's find our own ways to try to get closer and enter the world.

Great appreciation from my heart,


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