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Teacher of May 2008 - Wawa Wang

In my early twenties I became seriously ill. Instead of being vibrant and full of life, my body was withering and my energy diminishing. I felt I was racing against death. Every day was like night and every night was dark. I was in an endless abyss. I prayed, I cried out for help and wished for a glimpse of the light. One can never predict one’s own destiny. Every time I suffer greatly, it pushes me to seek deeper into life’s mysteries. This is how yoga quietly entered my life…..

I never thought there could be a power profound enough to make me well, to help me transform. However, from the time I stepped onto my Yoga mat, till now, thousands of emotions have come to the surface: excitement, pride, perfectionism, escape, anger, sorrow… these are all a part of me. All that I had been hiding for twenty some years was gradually revealed. I was astounded by all that I was discovering about myself. Without drugs or medicine, I began to realize a deeper, hidden part of myself. I was at first reluctant to accept myself. I resisted and felt full of doubt but that could not stop all the emotions boiling inside my body. I finally surrendered and I accepted them. An open mind is the first step to understand oneself. I believe that all these difficulties were meant to make me a more resilient person.

Once a student asked me, how do you know if you have enough energy to give and share? I smiled and shook my head. There are so many people in this world, yet somehow we were brought together to practice. This is our karmic destiny. Since to teach is to learn, I receive energy from you. In each Savasana, I watch how each person sustains his life by breathing with the rising and falling of the chest. This is the thrill of life. This is the delicate balance of nature. I am continuously surprised by the changes within me and I am happy to walk on this path. There are countless people to pay my tributes to. I am deeply thankful for all of the help from those who came before me in SPACE, and I thank God with my whole heart. The truth does not arise by itself; it must come with karmic connection. If one does not predict life’s outcome but focuses on the present moment the results are surprising. Let go of all your habitual patterns, step onto the yoga mat and allow compassion and wisdom to take roots. Be fully alive and everything will be with you.


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