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Teacher of February 2008 - Sharon Wang

Keep doing the ordinary and it will become extraordinary.
When I was ten my mother took me to CKS Memorials Square to a Yoga class . This was my first encounter with yoga. It is a sweet and sour memory.
During the practice I felt excruciating pain, but we were advised by the teacher to remain as calm as still water.

Dear students, I understand all the difficulties you face in your Yoga practice, however, if you persevere at the end of each session there is blissful joy and satisfaction. You will feel that every cell is filled with energy.
I matured earlier than others of my age. While my classmates were reading cartoons and watching soap operas after school, I kept busy practicing sun salutations. Even though I had an early start to my Yoga practice, I still went through a lot of pain. There were difficult times, like when I injured my back in back bends, or when I hurt my shoulders doing unsuccessful inversions. During high school my mother struggled with cancer and this threw me into a deep depression. A transformation came when I realized how important it is to live happily, and to treasure all that we have. This revelation did not come from practicing hundreds of asanas or chanting numerous mantras. My introduction to the suffering that life sometimes brings gave me the motivation to contemplate its deeper meaning. Maybe you have had a similar experience. This is yoga. The experience taught me that even a simple act of kindness can help brighten someone¡¦s day. I made a decision to change my life.

It was my destiny to become a member of the big SPACE family. Though I have been a part time Yoga teacher since I was 19, I am still learning and growing. Each day I remind myself of the great responsibility I have to students. It is an honor, and I am dedicated to meeting this challenge with compassion and courage.

SPACE has given me the opportunity to meet many excellent yogis and yoginis. I offer thanks to Sharon Moon for guiding me in Ashtanga; to Russell and Sally for helping me in Mysore . I was fortunate to attend the 4 week Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training held at Yoga Thailand this year. I cannot express my gratitude to all the kind yogis for their heartfelt teaching. I am committed to giving myself fully to sharing these teachings.When we sit in meditation we become aware of our countless thoughts.

Our minds are like ocean tides, or like the rising and falling stock market.
It may look as if we are quiet and peaceful in meditation but we are actually battling against our thoughts. Last April, I attended a 10 day silent meditation retreat. By the second day I already felt impatient and was planning a quick escape. It is not easy to calm our inner restlessness.

The path of learning yoga is long and wide. Our bodies and minds need continuous nourishment in order to grow, to discover our true selves and inner wisdom.

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