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Teacher of April 2007 - Rachel Lee

“Somehow at a certain age, I began to find pears tasty.”
“Tastes are interesting.  It is not a simple judgment.  They change and grow with ones experiences and memories throughout life.”

Then, how about describing the intangible mind?
In every second, for every whimsical idea and thought, a certain reaction is attached.  Sometimes I can’t help but try to grasp them, using the ego.  Instead, if I observe the, thoughts, they go by.  They are all temporary and fleeting. I can feel the pulsation of each changing moment.

I majored in engineering in college.  I am trained with an analytical mind.  In yoga, I am focused on the experiential evidence of health benefits.  This can be measured by the frequency of classes each week and the duration and method of each practice. I am very thankful to the first teacher who introduced yoga to me. He established me with an asana practice based on the knowledge of human anatomy.  When Yoga is based on safety and non-harming, one sees the innate power inside the body and respects the changes in the body and mind.
Both of my parents are teachers.  As a result, I made up my mind not to become a teacher when I was a kid.  I wonder if it is in my genes or runs in the family because ironically, I ended up being a teacher also.  I quit my office job in a technology company and became a yoga teacher without hesitation when an opportunity arose.  I would not say that I teach perfectly, but I am confident.  I find it easy and natural to explain and demonstrate in a simple and effective way.  It is my second nature,
From my studies and from being with students in recent years, I am given a chance to see myself more clearly.  I would like to be sensitive enough to feel what my students feel, to have the same zeal or trepidation as the students who walk into the studio for the first time.  I would like to experience the same ease as students who have let yoga become a big part of their life.  I want you to experience my pure intentions.  Is this what “to teach is to learn” means?
The other day, I saw the Rinpoche, Singa on TV.  He said, “All the unhappiness and sadness in the world comes from wishing for happiness for oneself.  All the happiness and joy comes from wishing for happiness for other people.”  I truly wish everybody around me could have a healthy body and mind.  I try to help people find their joy by teaching everything I know.  I am delighted to see the light in the eyes of those I meet.  When you don’t understand, I blame myself for not knowing enough.  The ancient yogic philosophy contains many different ideas from different masters and various lineages.  Trying to study these is like walking in a busy downtown.  The heart delights and dances with glitter and glamour.  When the eyes are gently closed the way home is vividly portrayed, not on the eyelids but in the twilight in the bottom of the heart.

Be your body 
Be your mind
Be your breath

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