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The Ashtanga Practice
Ashtanga practice is traditionally begun with the Ashtanga Mantra or Invocation. After chanting Om together, this invocation is done in a call and response manner in Sanskrit. It is a way to set the tone and intent of the practice. It is not a requirement in order to attend an Ashtanga class. If a student wishes to not say this chant they may just remain respectfully silent. Depending on the level of Ashtanga you are taking, the class is then led through sun salutations and the standing sequence of postures. Students are then guided to the floor for the seated sequence of postures, the finishing sequence postures and a deep relaxation.

Ashtanga Introduction
is highly recommended for beginning students. It will also provide a sound foundation in alignment for experienced students. These classes provide an introduction to the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga, its scientific system of linking breath and awareness to movement. The classes will slowly examine the cardinal directions of the Sun Salutation and their relationship to all further variation in the Primary Series. Attending these classes will help to build strength, flexibility, and concentration. Each class will end with a meditative, deep relaxation. This class will give you the confidence to attend Ashtanga classes anywhere in the world .

Ashtanga 1
are for students who have had some experience with Ashtanga, for those who have completed an Introductory workshop or those who are unable to attend the Introductory workshop. The entire Primary Series is not taught in these classes and a brief explanation of Ashtanga will be given in the beginning. These classes are designed to help beginning and continuing students to build and maintain a strong foundation for their Ashtanga practice.

Ashtanga 2
is an opportunity for new members to try Mysore style Ashtanga. If you have been practicing yoga for 3 months and have been afraid to try Mysore style then this is the perfect class. In a very supportive environment new students are encouraged to remember the primary sequence. Mysore class is a very good opportunity to work one on one with an experienced teacher. This will accelerate your education.

(self practice)
Pattabhi Jois lives and teaches in Mysore, India. Traditionally this is how he teaches classes. It is a silent self-practice in which a student begins the practice without being led verbally. Each student has an individualized practice, which is developed and overseen by the teacher. Postures are learned or practiced one by one, and as they are mastered, the student gradually adds more postures in the series. The instructor gives hands-on adjustments or verbal cues. Normally Mysore classes are two to three hours in length and a student enters with enough time to complete their practice. It does not necessarily mean that the practice is two or three hours long. This class is more appropriate for students with a practice of Ashtanga but it is possible to begin the practice slowly in a Mysore class. It is in this class that a student will receive in-depth instruction and guidance in individual postures. This is the class where one would begin the study of the Intermediate Series (2nd Series) once proficient at Primary Series.

Ashtanga Satsang

Experience the true spirit of the authentic Mysore tradition
Ashtanga Primary Series led class with SPACE's Ashtanga Faculty

When it comes to Ashtanga, do you know….
1. the difference between Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B?
2. how many vinyasas to perform between the different asanas?
3. the Sanskrit names for these asanas?
4. if your pacing is too fast or too slow?
5. when to inhale? when to exhale?
And beyond the basics of Ashtanga, do you know the importance of….
1. Drishti
2. Ujjayi breath
3. Bandhas

Without these essential elements, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, asana practice is just mindless movement repetition.

The most certified Ashtanga teachers in all of Taiwan, SPACE Yoga's own faculty, will present the true spirit of the authentic Mysore tradition. Through a Primary Series Class, each student will have the opportunity to inspect his or her own practice and together experience the spirit of Ashtanga.

Ashtanga Satsang will be held every third Sunday of the month. Whether you are an avid Ashtanga practitioner, are interested in learning more about Ashtanga, or know nothing and have your doubts about Ashtanga, are all welcome.

7-8:30am Ashtanga Primary Series Class
8:30-9:15am Q&A Discussion

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