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Yoga Body, Buddha Mind
by Cyndi Lee
In Yoga Body, Buddha Mind-Cyndi Lee shares her experience as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist and one of the country's most famous yoga instructors. This easy-to-use guide shows readers of all yoga levels how to combine the basic tenets of Buddhism and meditation with yoga practice. Her book offers simple meditations and exercise sequences that can be done just about anywhere, in addition to more advanced and rigorous regimens.
by Karen Armstrong
A historical account of Buddha's life that helps unravel the fact, history, and myth surrounding Buddha and his teachings. Armstrong's book is an easy read that gives a good picture of the world in which this great teacher lived, as well as the yogic background that was the spring board of his philosophy and message.
Yoga - The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness
By Eric Schiffmann (In Space Library)
An excellent introduction to the ideas behind the practice of yoga, and a practical how-to guide to Hatha Yoga postures and meditation.
Light on Yoga
by BKS Iyengar, (in Space library)
This classic guide on Hatha Yoga written by one of Hatha Yoga's foremost experts, includes yoga history, a detailed guide to performing yoga postures and breathing techniques, and an extensive glossary of yoga terms.
Tantra - The Path of Ecstasy
by Georg Feuerstein, (in Space library)
Georg Feuerstein is a leading scholar in yogic studies. This book explains the history, philosophy and practices of the Hindu school of thought known as "Tantra", on which Hatha Yoga is based. It's a detailed and fascinating book for anyone wanting to go deeper into yoga.
A Return to Love
by Marianne Williamson
A beautiful, sensitive spiritual guide on virtually all aspects of life. Marianne William is a renowned lecturer and author whose work is based on her own studies of "A Course in Miracles", an ancient text of realizing the Divine in everyday life. A truly heart opening book.
Pranayama - in the Anusara Style
By Doug Keller (
An inspiring guide to understanding the art of yogic breathing techniques known as “pranayama”. Keller reveals how they relate to Hatha yoga practice and the movement of energy, or "prana" in the body. This book includes clear, easily understood instructions on virtually all methods of this deep art.
Yoga - Discipline of Freedom “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”
by Barbara Stoler-Miller
An excellent translation and commentary on one of yoga's foundational texts; the Yoga Sutras.
Living your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life
by Judith Lasater
Living your Yoga is a wonderful book which encourages the reader to take a deeper look at their yoga practice both on the mat and in their everyday life. The book is divided into three parts. The first part explores your relationship with yourself. The second part looks into your relationship with people in your life. The final part asks you to look at your relationship with the world. Lasater brings in examples from her life, which illustrate the spiritual practice she is discussing.
Yoga of Heart
by Mark Whitwell
An incredible book that reminds us that truth is not something we have to seek after, it is already present within us. If we stop seeking and look inside we can feel the life force that is us. Mark encourages readers to extend Yoga practice into daily life by relating to others without fear and by allowing relationships to be a catalyst for growth.
Dancing the Body of Light
by Donna Holeman
This book is a thorough, in depth yet easy to read manual on Yoga. In addition to detailed description of asana, this book encourages the student to go beyond the physical concepts of Yoga and connect with the more subtle energies in the body or the “light body”
The Yoga Tradition:Its History, Literature, Philosophy, and Practice
by Georg Feurestien
This book is an entire library of information on nearly every aspect of YOGA, including an in depth history. Feurestein, one of the world's premier Yoga scholars, covers everything from the different paths of Yoga to famous Gurus to ancient texts on yoga using clear language.
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (in Space library)
translated by Swami Satchidananda
A beautiful and insightful translation of this classic yogic text. Swami Satchidanda's warm and engaging writing style uses stories and wisdom to bring the sutras to life and make them relevant to the world today.
The Heart of Yoga: Developing A Personal Practice
By TKV Desikachar
The son of Hatha Yoga's founder Krishnamacharya delivers the teaching of his father using simple language addressing such topics as Yoga as a spiritual path and therapuetic use of asana and pranayama
Anatomy of Movement
By Blandine Calais-Germain
This book offers a dynamic, integrated approach to the study of the physical structures and the musculoskeletal system and their functional relationship to the movements of the body. It uses clear and concise text illustrated with more than a thousand graphic drawings that explain muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. For those who want to understand the anatomy of Yoga on a deeper level this book is essential.
Anatomy of Hatha Yoga
By H. David Coulter
This is the most comprehensive text defining the relationship between yogic practice and human anatomy. This is useful as both a textbook and reference for the serious Yoga practitioner. It covers such topics as mechanics of breathing, the various kriyas, and more subtle aspects of Yoga practice such as mudra and bandha from a Yogic as well as from a Western scientific point of view.
Relax and Renew (in Space library)
By Judith Lasater
This book is all about letting go by doing nothing purposefully. Judith Lasater, a senior Iyengar yoga teacher, shows the reader in words and pictures how to use everyday props (e.g., blankets, pillows, walls and floors) to relax deeply. She offers a variety of sequences and practical suggestions that help prevent stress and remind the reader to live in the present moment. The sequences vary from a general relaxation sequence to programs to alleviate back pain, headaches, insomnia, and a special section for women's health.
Yoga Therapy (in Space library)
By A. G. Mohan
A.G. Mohan was a long-time student of yoga master, Krishnamacharya. This book shares the wisdom he gained from his Guru, including a look at variety of postures, breathing techniques, and basic Ayurvedic principles to alleviate various health problems. How to correctly move into, hold, and move out of poses, how to breathe during the practice to achieve specific results, and how to customize a yoga practice to suit your needs are all covered.
The Spirit of Yoga (in Space library)
By Cat De Rham and Michele Gill
Using beautiful photography, poetry, and words of wisdom, this book explores the philosophy of Yoga. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced yoga student, or simply seeking a more meaningful life, this book will offer you inspiration.
Ashtanga Yoga, The Practice Manual (in Space library)
By David Swenson
A very user friendly book. David shows the posture and then gives an explanation and options for the postures.
bullet   Yoga Mala
    by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
    Guruji’s book contains photos of his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy, demonstrating the postures and also contains a description of benefits of the postures. It also contains photos of Guruji as a young man demonstrating some of the postures.
bullet   Astanga Yoga
    Lino Miele
    This book provides the exact count of breaths/vinyasas for each posture. Sharath demonstrates the postures.
bullet   Ashtanga Yoga, The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Dynamic Yoga
    John Scott
    This book, done by a certified teacher of Ashtanga, contains photographs and helpful information to deepen a practice.
bullet   Ashtanga Yoga DVDs
    by David Swenson

David has produced DVDs for the Primary Series, Intermediate and 3rd Series, Advanced Series (purely for viewing), Short Series (for the time challenged) and Just Relax (a guided deep relaxation).

Ashtanga DVDs are also available by senior Ashtanga teachers Richard Freeman, Melanie Fowler and Mark Darby.

bullet   Ashtanga Yoga Class, Primary Series
    CD by Sharath Rangaswamy
    This is Sharath leading the Primary Series in traditional Sanskrit style.
bullet   Ashtanga Yoga Class, Primary Series
    DVD by Sharath Rangaswamy

A talk through of the Primary Series.

Pattabhi Jois says Ashtanga Yoga is like a garland of yoga in which each vinyasa is like a sacred bead to be counted and focused on and each posture is like a fragrant flower strung on the thread of the breath. And when diligently practiced will adorn our entire being with peace, health, radiance, and ultimately, Self-Knowledge.

“Do your practice and all is coming.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Yoga isn't just about doing the postures. Do some mental yoga by reading!

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