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The first studio offers Hot,Restoravtive and Anusara Yoga in Taiwan

In March 2005 SPACE An-Ho opened its doors to Taipei, as Taiwan’s first boutique Yoga Studio. Rising high above the bustling East Side district of Taipei, SPACE An-Ho's practice rooms offer a panoramic view of the surrounding Yangming mountains urban sanctuary in the sky.

SPACE An-Ho set many precedents for yoga in Taiwan. It is the first studio to offer Hot,Restorative and Anusara yoga and to regularly invite world-renowned teachers to lead workshops in Taiwan. As we continue to grow, our original mission to be true to the ancient traditions of Yoga becomes stronger. We are ever grateful to you for your support and for creating such a vibrant and eager community of Yogis and Yoginis.

We offer a sanctuary for you to be still, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to nourish your spirit. You can enjoy a cup of tea, peruse our Yoga library, meditate, or enjoy a quiet conversation with friends in our lounge. The big screen plasma TV will be another good choice for you to relax,which playing silent DVDs of Yogis and Yoginis in practice to inspire you to go deeper.

All SPACE teachers have spent many years studying and practicing yoga. Each has studied extensively, contemplating the true meaning of YOGA. Our teachers continue to study with Masters throughout the world, and are dedicated to living Yoga. A Yogic lifestyle involves moderation, balance, and constant observation of ones actions, thoughts, and speech. Experience more variety and class times.

We encourage students to embrace the true meaning of Yoga and go beyond asana(physical yoga postures). We believe that asana is a foundation to help one become healthy and connect with their true selves. Through practice, we can begin to see everyone through more compassionate eyes, find ways to help others who are in need, share our energy and time with friends and family and use our words and actions in more meaningful ways.

SPACE Supports Karma Yoga! Karma Yoga is selfless service, any action to benefit others performed without ego. It is the act of being kind to those you meet in your everyday life. Some Yogis adhere to only this path to reach their final goal of liberation of the mind.

Yoga practice teaches us to become more aware and more connected to the world around us. We strive to offer the best of everything for your practice. At SPACE, we are committed to giving back to the community, to make the world a better place. We will continue to bring the best Yoga Masters from around the world, caring customer service, and a calm environment.

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