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Hart Lazer

150-hour Advanced Teacher Training Level I*

Term 1 December 15-24, 2018

Term 2 February 25 – March 6, 2019

Term 3 August 11-20, 2019

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  • Course Introduction
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Hart Lazer is co-owner of United Yoga Montreal and internationally recognized as a teacher of yoga teachers. Systematic, profound, thorough, sensitive and challenging, he is a master at teaching the mechanics of asana, having studied closely with Iyengar teacher Ramanand Patel for many years and undertaken a serious study of Ashtanga yoga. Hart Lazer offers his students the experience gained from his unique life story, from boyhood in a Jewish rabbinical school through a career in counseling and over 25 years as a yoga teacher and practitioner. In recent years Hart has explored the effects of Buddhism, yoga and trauma on the body and has developed a multi-dimensional approach to working with human difficulties.

This 150-hour** advanced teacher training that builds upon a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training and is designed to strengthen and deepen your understanding of yoga and role as a Yoga teacher.

It was developed to include intensive yoga practices, clear and precise principles of sequencing poses for practice and classes, working with mixed level classes, addressing common problems and injuries that occur in the intermediate and advanced student. 

You will certain to advance and accelerate your practice as well as give you an opportunity to teach others advanced level poses including inversions, hip openings, advanced backbends and twists. You will gain hands on experience in adjusting and assisting students to move safely into these complex poses. Injuries and special needs will be addressed along with meditation and breathwork.

This program is inspired by Hart's strong Iyengar Yoga Training background, his emphasis on spiritual practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, and his curiosity for combining contemporary somatic approaches to address physical injury, and various ailments and conditions. His knowledge and approach encourages each student to internalize the skills they have learned to better find their own unique expression as a teacher.

*Level II is a therapeutic approach training that will be offered at the end of 2019.

*The 150-hour Level I, together with level II training will fulfill the 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program with Hart Lazer.

Training Schedule

Term 1: December 15-24, 2018
Term 2 : February 25 – March 6, 2019
Term 3 : August 11-20, 2019

Daily Schedule

A short break will be provided at the teacher's discretion.
* Subject to change. Any changes will be notified well in advance.

Admission Requirements

  • At least two years of yoga practice;
  • Completed a recognized 200-hr yoga teacher-training program;
  • Currently teaching yoga classes at the beginner level;
  • Personal practice must be at an intermediate level;
  • Essential to have proficient understanding and practice of backbends and shoulderstands

Part 1: Lesson Planning, Sequencing, Teaching Skills and Adjustments (75 hours)

Emphasis will be placed on teaching clear and precise principles of alignment in both fast-paced movement practices and long-held supported practices. The intent of this program is to advance and accelerate the student's practice as well as open the opportunity to teach advanced-level poses including inversions, hip openings, advanced backbends and twists. Students gain hands-on experience in adjusting and assisting, to move safely into these complex poses. Injuries and special needs will be addressed along with some meditation and breath work.

You'll learn:

  • How to teach intermediate and advanced level poses in the safest possible way
  • Effective language to communicate instructions clearly
  • Preparation of lesson plans and creation of exciting sequences from different categories of poses or methods of practice
  • How to adjust with skill and precision
  • How to safely take students deeper into their practice
  • How to work with musculo-skeletal problems in intermediate to advanced poses
  • The importance of practicing and teaching breath work
  • How to deepen a meditation practice and teach from personal experience

Part 2: Teaching Restoratives with Ropes, Chairs and other props (75-hours)


Teaching Restorative classes requires a specialized skill set. Ideally, restorative postures are practiced for years before teaching them. Hart's deep knowledge and experience in this area will help initiate and deepen your restorative practices and classes. This course will teach the principles of using props such as ropes, chairs, bolsters, blocks, belts, etc. to support students in such a way that they can achieve a practice that is restorative and/or recuperative in nature.

The intention of this course is to learn to teach with many props while maintaining full attention on supporting students in the safest and deepest way possible, one that can bring a sense of profound physical relaxation and mental calmness.

You'll learn:

  • How to teach with many props such as ropes, chairs, bolsters, blocks, belts, etc.
  • Sequencing restorative and recuperative yoga practices.
  • Adapting poses from all categories (inversions, standing poses, backbends, twists and forward bends) while using different props to help support students in the way that they need to be supported.
  • Effective verbal cuing skills to communicate instructions clearly
  • How to adjust with skill and precision using props to take your students safely into new or deeper postures
Early Bird Price Register Now till 2018/9/19 Pre-Training Price Register between 2018/9/20-11/15 Regular Price
SPACE Members NT$111,500 NT$121,500 NT$135,000
NON-SAPCE Members NT$120,500 NT$130,500 NT$145,000


  • Event Location: SPACE YOGA Anho studio
  • Minimum number of registration to hold the course: 25 students
  • SPACE will video record and photograph the training for our records and promotion purposes
  • No photographing and scene recording in the teacher training. Only sound recording is allowed.
  • Please email to if you are interested in the teaching training.

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