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SPACE offers the convenience of a gym, and the comfort of a spa, but focuses on being singularly devoted to the practice and enjoyment of yoga.

The SPACE Experience

The SPACE experience is truly out of this world. The elegant, serene atmosphere is both calming and inspiring. SPACE is a fully equipped yoga center with 10 dedicated practice rooms, lounge, library, and shop with clothing and accessories. All mats, props, lockers and towels are provided for your convenience. Locker rooms have modern amenities including 26 luxurious spa showers, towels hairdryers and everything you need to go from the studio to city.

Professional air-conditioning and heating equipment keep a constant temperature; SPACE was the first studio to offer HOT YOGA in Taiwan. In just five minutes the rooms heat up to a cozy 36-40°C..

Everyday from the time the doors open til the last class, Yogi tea is served in the lounge area. Students are invited to relax on our comfortable cushions. We offer a selection of yoga books and magazines for your reading pleasure. In addition, the lounge area of An-He houses a large flat screen TV where inspiring DVD’s are played. The lounge area is an ideal place to flip through a book on Yoga, or to chat with friends. In SPACE An-Ho, the relaxation area overlooks a view of Taipei’s cityscape, and in Tien-Mu a peaceful garden.

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