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Russell Case

Sally and I were working a mysore room in Brighton, England when Matthew called us; told us to come to Taiwan. We had developed the room there from nothing and had it up to 25 people a day. Matthew was looking for us to do the same at SPACE. I asked Matthew what it was he was looking for. Why would he want a hardcore traditional Mysore style room in his studio? SPACE is a multi-discipline studio in the same model as Yogaworks in LA. How were we going to fit in there with our fundamentalist approach? But, Matthew said he wanted a place where his teachers could work on their own practices in-house on a daily basis.

So… we decided to try it. When we arrived there were about 8 people in the room. Seven of them were SPACE teachers. That’s a lot of money to fork out carting a couple from England to teach one paying student. (Michael Chi) But, Matthew believed in the program and persisted. And Sally and I were stunned by the total commitment from staff.

Nowadays, we ‘re getting thirty, thiry-five paying students a day. People who have seen demonstrative empirical evidence of the benefit of this mysore style class on their bodies and nervous system. Many of the SPACE staff volunteered enormous effort and time to apprentice with us. (Our thanks to Takei, Amanda, Sharon Wang, Justin, Nicky Bathany, and of course our stalwarts Glaxyl!) We know this effort to learn spills over into your classes. And, we are honoured to be a part of your enthusiastic SPACE community.

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