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Duncan Wong – Yogic Arts
Integrating Buddhist Gung Fu, Thai Massage Therapy and Ashtanga Yoga

Practitioners of all levels are welcomed, especially beginners.
Don't miss this opportunity to practice with Duncan Wong in Taipei !
10.8 (Sat)
9:30 am-12:30 pm 14:30 pm-17:30 pm
Yogic Arts - Awakening The Core Enlighening The Body
Developing our capacity to turn jumping into floating in Vinyasa Yoga
Yogic Arts - Thai Vinyasa Therapy .The Art of Sacred Touch
Cultivating community and creative energy through Interactive Partner Work
10.9 (Sun)
9:30 am-12:30 pm 14:30 pm-17:30 pm
Yogic Arts - Awakening The Core Enlighening The Body
Developing our capacity to turn jumping into floating in Vinyasa Yoga
Yogic Arts - From Seat To Throne
Making The Asana Connection
Class Description
Yogic Arts – Awakening the CoreEnlightening the Body
A workshop designed to awaken the core components of your physical body. Beginning with a set core floor-work sequence, inspired by a Pilates style of exercises, which are infused with Buddhist martial arts ground combat training. The result is a tangible trunk-strength awareness that integrates the upper and lower bodies. This workshop will explore the bio-mechanics of how to lift properly, as well as how to manipulate correct weight shifting, weight bearing and breath controlled, bandhic [core muscular contractions] integration

Yogic Arts - Thai Vinyasa Therapy . The Art of Sacred Touch
This program, which integrates Thai massage and Vinyasa yoga, does not require you to have any massage skills, and although you are welcome to bring a friend, you are not required to bring a partner. The nature of contact does take two, and an openness to work with another person in the room is necessary. There is also the option to work with Master Wong, if you don't mind sharing him with others, as he circulates the room, overseeing the community progress! We will begin with a light Vinyasa flow warm-up, designed to prepare the body to offer and receive body work, then to the floor for a guided entry level Thai Yoga Therapy set sequence, which focuses on the lower back and the backs of the legs. This intensive comes with a photo illustrated manual of the material covered. Let's get physical together while developing a spiritual connection !

Yogic Arts – From Seat to Throne
Utilizing intelligent hip and shoulder opening asanas, within an intelligent vinyasa flow, tap into the body's natural wisdom to awaken a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine . . . connect with the Earth as a source of Grounding.
Yoga Master Duncan Wong
Duncan Wong
The founder of Yogic Arts, Duncan Wong brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to this interactive intensive. A student of Korean Buddhist martial arts since childhood and a seasoned body-worker, Wong's yoga background is in the Ashtanga lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, of Mysore, South India, and he is certified in the Jivamukti method as taught directly by Sharon Gannon and David Life. Combining physical insight, precision, acceptance and energetic flow, Wong's approach to yoga and movement takes students' biomechanical and bio-energetic knowledge and experience to the next level of awareness and ability. Postural practice is deepened and enhanced by the dynamic Thai Vinyasa assists that Duncan masterfully offers throughout the practice.

Wong's combined practice and teaching experience spans three decades, and he is known internationally as a teacher's teacher. Originally a native of San Francisco, Duncan has spent the last decade in New York City and abroad developing the ongoing expression of his formative life's work. Duncan will relocate his global base to Hong Kong and Shanghai beginning in 2005, offering his dharmic [life teaching] work, while continuing to serve the global community.

October 8th – 9th 2005, space is limited, sign up now !
Registration Time Registration starts now till October 8th. Reserve your space !
(Please arrive 30 minutes earlier before workshop begins)
Registration Place 16F, No.27, An-Ho Road, Section 1, Taipei 106, Taiwan | Tel 2773.8108 |

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