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Bringing Spirit and Purpose into Your Yoga Practice

SPACE, Taipei's first boutique yoga studio, is honored to welcome three internationally celebrated Yoga instructors to inaugurate its ongoing MASTER TEACHER SERIES in Taiwan.

The theme of the April Yoga Expo is "Bringing Spirit and Purpose into Your Yoga Practice". Three world reknowned international Instructors will introduce, through their own unique styles and personalities, ancient and modern yogic techniques that expand the practice to so much more than just the physical. All three instructors are frequent key presenters at yoga workshops worldwide and are featured various DVDs, CDs, books and magazine articles. All workshops are designed to help students explore and refine their potential in the physical poses which will awaken the heart and enlighten the mind in the process.

Workshops are a valuable tool for the yoga practitioner, as they offer a more in-depth and detailed opportunity to learn and grow. Lessons learned in workshops and intensives can then be effectively applied to daily personal practice and in regular classes. Yoga Expo Workshops and Intensives will springboard the practice to a new level of understanding and application in helping to feel more joyful, healthy and full of life.

Yoga means unification, and students will be encouraged to unify their bodies, minds and hearts through the creative and innovative teachings of the guest instructors.

SPACE is happy to be the first ever in Asia to bring three internationally acclaimed yoga instructors together in one forum. Each instructor is a truly inspirational human being in their own way, and are living examples of a lifestyle dedicated to health, joy, yoga and love. The symbiotic exchange of these three different methods and approaches to Yoga will demonstrate the yoga principle of unity amidst diversity.

SPACE looks forward to bringing many reknowned international instructors to our Taipei studio each year. Look for quarterly Master Teacher offerings.

Students of all levels are welcomed.
4.15 (Fri) Full Day Intensive
ANUSARA YOGA Flowing with grace
With Desiree Rumbaugh

Anusara means "stepping into the Divine Flow of Grace". By aligning our bodies with nature and looking for balance of effort and surrender in each pose, we consciously and steadily train our hearts and minds. Desiree will introduce the three "A's" of Anusara Yoga: Attitude, Alignment and Action and how to apply all of them to your practice. Simultaneously experience the grace-filled simplicity and empowering strength of the practice.

With Duncan Wong (Developing our capacity to turn jumping into floating in Vinyasa Yoga)

A workshop designed to awaken the core components of your physical body. Beginning with a set core floor-work sequence, inspired by a Pilates style of exercises, which are infused with Buddhist martial arts ground combat training. The result is a tangible trunk-strength awareness that integrates the upper and lower bodies.
This workshop will explore the bio-mechanics of how to lift properly, as well as how to manipulate correct weight shifting, weight bearing and breath controlled, bandhic [core muscular contractions] integration

BHAKTI VINYASA YOGA Experience Spirtuality through Flow Yoga
With Ateeka

Ateeka presents a heart opening workshop of flowing yoga poses, pranayama (breathing practices) mantra (sacred sounds and chanting), mudra (sacred hand gestures), ritual and mythology. Creatively and joyfully presented within a vinyasa (flow) sequence, this workshop will give students a taste of devotional practices that awaken the inherent spiritual nature of Yoga. Learn ways to empower your body, relax more, stress less, access inner peace and promote peace in our communities. Enjoy a day of integrating devotion and spirituality into your physical practice.

4.16 (Sat) 3 Hour Workshops
With Desiree Rumbaugh

Combining the Universal Principles of Alignment with Tantric philosophy of "looking for the good", Anusara Yoga is highly accessible to students from all traditions. As we practice a variety of asanas, we'll learn to experience the radiance of the heart, mind and body.

Relating through Warrior Stance Salutations With Duncan Wong
Deepening our relationship with the earth through our 'innerstanding' of stance Welcome Yogic Warriors

Athletic, informed, and open to possibilities.
Warrior Stance Salutations – practicing the dance of stance, this hands-on body of work is balanced with modern dance warm-up movements, dynamic therapeutic kicking drills for lower body strength and integration, Pilates style core floor work, and intelligent Vinyasa [Flow], with attention to precise alignment and energetic flow through breath awareness.

THE SACRED SEVEN Yoga Journey Through the Chakras
With Ateeka

Radiant rainbow aliveness is ours when the energetic centers of the body (chakras) become balanced and flowing. Embark upon an experiential journey through each chakra with asana, pranayama, symbology, chant and meditation. This flowing vinyasa practice will bring the energy body ALIVE and awaken awareness of subtle energies.
4.17 (Sun) 3 Hour Workshops
CO-CREATING with NATURE: Backbends
With Desiree Rumbaugh

For those who love backbends and those who wish they did! Using Anusara principles to transform the practice into art, we will explore the complex relationship between nature and our bodies and we'll begin to understand the balance of effort and surrender that backbends teach us.

With Duncan Wong

Utilizing intelligent hip and shoulder opening asanas, within an intelligent vinyasa flow, tap into the body's natural wisdom to awaken a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine . . . connect with the Earth as a source of Grounding.

HOW TO RELAX DEEPLY A Workshop of Restorative Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Techniques
With Ateeka

Join Ateeka for a blissful session of Restorative Yoga, Breathing Practices, Meditation Techniques and Essential Oils designed especially to induce a relaxed yet aware presence in body and mind. When our bodies are relaxed and shift into the mode of the parasympathetic nervous system, healing naturally happens. Healing brings us back to our wholeness and connection with the Divine. Ateeka will share wisdom from East and West to help re-learn how to RELAX DEEPLY. This is a class for all levels of practitioners - even first time yogis.

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