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Teacher of May 2009 - Vicky Yeh

On the path of life, due to certain circumstances, people had to make certain choices. Some people may choose to go on a "group tour", but I chose to go on my own. I didn't have a specific destination I had to see or a mountain I had to conquer. I just departed from a point of "mindfulness" and "faith". I couldn't have predicted who I would have met along the way or what I would have experienced. But, what I did felt was a sense of courage backing me and a sense of passion directing me.

Meeting Love on the Open Square

I have met many people on the open square of yoga. Some were filled with compassion, who greeted everyone with an open smile. Some were filled with love, ready to extend an open arm to embrace another. I even saw ones who sat quietly meditating, but still maintained a smile on their face. Their radiating warmth had led me to believe that "love has the power to melt away any coldness."

In this wild world that is far beyond our wildest imagination, it is love that reminds us to put aside our differences and accept each other as they are. To see each other's goodness, not just the shortcomings in ourselves and others. Love – the essence of an inwardly drawn energy - is like faith, giving me the courage to experience all the possible changes in this flow of life. Thus, I truly believe that "the energy of love" is the never-ending signal connecting us all.

Circus du Soleil

On the open square of yoga, we can witness each person's physical strength and softness. It is something that really needs to be personally experienced, and then you can discover yoga's wonder and grace. Sometimes, I am still amazed every time I am on my mat with the focus and attention, I would feel the boundless passion towards life. It is like bathing in the magical sunlight.

In each moment that I'm present during my asana practice, it is the breath informs me to "pay attention"; it is a practice of inner dialogue with myself. Backbends after backbends, I opened more than just my ears, more than just my body. I was like an onion, layer by layer being peeled away, what I found deep inside blossoming was actually my heart. My practice was no longer about achieving a difficult posture; rather it became simply observation of my mindful efforts.

Discovering the Pearl within

"We practice looking for the good in things."

This was the most influential statement that I have heard on my yogic learning. My perspective on life was entirely changed because of it. It made me realized that the inner light within each of us is still there. It is just that we kept looking for it outside of ourselves, falsely believing that the light was gone. As I slowed down, I was able to clearly recognize the sense of ease and steadiness my asana practice has given me. It was after seeing the good in things that I became completely passionate towards life. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful childhood that provided me a solid start. I'm also indebted to my mother and all the teachers that I ever had. With the gifts that they have given me, I learned to be appreciative and thankful for each and every day. I like to thank all the people that I have the fortune to meet each day. It is their compassion and smile that helped me view my future with hope. Thank you all!

Much love

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