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Teacher of March 2009 - Ada Lin

Dharma – life's objective

Last May, I heard the Master Teacher Aadil talking about "dharma" during his teacher training and I became fascinated by this concept. Aadil said:"when you know what your life's objective is, then you always know which way to proceed with your life." I suppose in our journey in life, we often hesitate at crossroads, not knowing which way to go. But, if you know your destination, no matter how many crossroads you came across, you would still have a clear sense of which direction to head towards. Even though I've been practicing yoga for years, at times I still get confused about my own direction in life. However, yoga has taught me that by answering the question "where is my Dharma?" I could then see my position clearly and a sense of incredible courage and acceptance would rise out of my heart allowing me to face those difficult moments.

Life happens

Through my yoga practice, I came to understand the idea of "being present". As I practice listening to my inner self, with my eyes closed and my senses withdrawn, I come closer to my true self. Every meditation, pranayama, or asana practice, has led me to experience the here and now, and to enjoy the delights of the present moment.

We often plan our lives ahead, sometimes two years or maybe even ten years, but if we cannot be happy and healthy at this present moment, what kind of life would planning possibly bring us? Let us start by being on the mat to get to know our own body first. We would then become more aware of our mind and spirit. When we find the balance of our body and mind, we will start to realize the meaning of Dharma. From that moment of enlightenment, we will begin to appreciate and enjoy life's many delights.

Ever since I started practicing yoga, I have tried to keep an open mind in viewing the world and to let myself feel everything. During every practice or workshop and while teaching, there was a natural sense of gratitude bubbling up from within that allowed me to see this world with loving eyes. I’m grateful for all the teachers who have guided me along the way. I could never forget my teacher, Kent Bond's, generous smile; his loving smile is what made me kept on giving with love as well. I'm even more grateful for my students. It is them who have granted me more power to give and in integrating with that power, I also found the sublime union with the universe.

Namaste! I love you all...

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