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Yogi of October – Kelly Lee

『There is no past, no future, only the present moment. By focusing on now; in every minute, every second, we reside in sacred wisdom.』 This is a quote I often hear in Denise's class.

Pressure from work used to wake me up in the middle of night. I worried about unfinished work from the previous day, about the overseas client report due the coming week... All of this never ending fear and anxiety filled my life. One day, by chance an advertisement for SPACE attracted my attention, Just like that I came across yoga, and from that moment on I dedicated myself to this path of learning.

With each practice, I re-discover myself. Even though my body feels sore after each session as if all of the parts have been rearranged, I know I have put forth great effort to balance each breathe and each movement. I feel divine after the first few breaths. Often I wonder how it is possible that the teacher demonstrates with such ease while I move like a caterpillar out of control, looking helpless and sweaty…. I often question: "How long must I practice to achieve the teacher’s state of ease?" The amazing thing is, after each class, having battled with my inner struggle, my body and daily life gradually change in amazing ways.

Work no longer seems so overwhelming. I have more energy and a positive attitude. Smiles of ease accompany me through each moment; I no longer worry under dark clouds of fears, I have begun to appreciate all that is life. I give thanks to the grace that yoga has given me, it has allowed me to become fearless; " Only when one is able to walk into the misty fog can one understand the ease between heaven and earth."

Many thanks to all of the SPACE teachers for their professional approach and selfless dedication. With love and effort they guide us to liberate our body, mind and soul, to become open to life's possibilities. Bathing in the vast flow of yoga, that of sweat, love and care,yogis and yoginis are brought together to meet at SPACE. With each caring smile and sparkle in the eyes we celebrate each and every moment, fully enjoying each breath, moving lightly to be in the embrace of yoga, and the door to happiness opens wide.

Breathe to move
Move to reach stillness
Integrate breath, movement, and stillness and postures will blossom
Be present, the door shall open

Best wishes to you my friends, may the wisdom light of yoga be with you.

Each month we will honor a SPACE student for his or her passion and dedication to the practice of Yoga. May their stories serve as inspiration to us all!
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