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Healeh > Health benefits of yoga
by Bruce Bowditch

Since our bodies are composed mostly of water, a teacher of mine once aptly compared the body of a yogi to a clear, running stream. When we regularly practice asana, meditation and pranayama, (breath techniques) all the systems and functions of the body line up in an optimal flow of energy. In other words, everything begins to work well and we start to feel the radiant, vibrant health that is our birthright. Our usual aches and pains disappear, we begin to feel naturally more flexible and strong, our sleep and digestion improve and we may sense a serene calmness or peacefulness of heart and mind. The over all “tone” of our being feels more exuberant and at the same time grounded and steady. The aging process becomes one of continual growth and discovery rather than a falling apart. A feeling of being more connected to ourselves and to others may develop, and we may begin to see the world and how we live in it in a kinder, more gentle way.

Really, yoga is about brining all the various aspects of our self into balanced harmony. The result is that we tap into a higher, clearer energy positively affecting all aspects of our health and well-being.
We are all chocolate chips in the same cosmic cookie.
What are we doing anyway? Why alignment?
Health benefits of yoga
What are we teaching anyway?
Anusara Invocation
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