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This is Centered Yoga's internationally renowned program that has been running successfully worldwide now for the past ten years. There is close to 1000 graduates from all parts of the world, many of whom now have successful studios or have become established teachers in their own right. Good examples are Stephen and Gladys at SPACE.

A common point of controversy is how long should a "training" be. In truth it is lifelong pursue; however, there will be times of focused and dedicated study to help take one's practice and teaching to a much higher level. This is the purpose of this course - to provide the sincere students with a platform and the tools to understand and to go further in practice. We do not claim to "produce" teachers but rather to help bring out that hidden potential and start you on your teaching journey. We have found this 5-month period to work very well at this level. Some courses may not be long enough for a student to absorb the material, while others drag on over a few years and can almost hold the student back. After this ‘’5-month’’ period we encourage you to continue growing further in what is appropriate to you. There will also be pre-course assignments which aim to elevate your practice and understanding of yoga. These assignments are emailed every few weeks and require the student to do certain readings, practices and reports.

Students should have a regular dedicated practice.

Paul Dallaghan
Paul is a senior level teacher with international recognition. He is one of three senior students of Tiwariji in Pranayama and one of the few in the world certified by Pattabhi Jois in Ashtanga vinyasa. This places him in a unique position to teach at this level, teach both practical and the philosophical asepects behind it all. Mostly though, he loves to share the teaching with passion and joy.

Neil Barker
Neil is trained in chiropractic and Chinese medicine as well as an advanced student of Tiwariji in Pranayama and authorized by Pattabhi Jois in the Ashtanga method. His knowledge of anatomy and yoga practices brings a unique level to these subjects. Always fun and highly interesting

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Dates: Session I:2009.9.5 - 16 / Session II:2009.12.5 - 14 / Session III :2010.1.8 - 16
Location:SPACE An-HO
Teachers: Paul Dallaghan & Neil Barker
Guest Teacher: Gladys Huang
Assistant/Translator: Megan Ni
Maximum Enrollment:36 students

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Applications are reviewed as soon as they are received. You will be notified by e-mail or phone call within 10 working days. Sending in an application does not guarantee a place in the program. Please apply early! ( Application Form Download

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