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An-Ho Studio Maintenance Notice

In order to provide an even better practice environment, Wings/Rooms D, E, & F of the An-Ho studio will be undergoing renovation from 2018/1/2 - 2018/1/31. This is being done to carry out overall facility maintenance and cleaning. During the renovation period, Wings/Rooms A, B, & C will maintain their regular schedule.

If any members, with a valid membership, wish to stop their practice during the renovation period, they will be compensated with an extension to their membership equal to the time of the renovation. Please apply for the extension at our front desk.

If you have any questions regarding your membership compensation, please contact our service and sales representative for assistance.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!


Inner Balance

$1499 First Month

* This promotion is good for the day of the trial class. Limit to first time visitor only.

* For more detail, please contact our representatives.

American Express Platinum Card Members' Benefit

  1. 1. American Express Platinum Card holder can get the AE’s APP coupon-two classes in five days in SPACE YOGA.
  2. 2. During the trial day, you and your friend sign up for a SPACE YOGA membership, both of you will receive extra benefits. Please check more details on the promotional flyer from you bank.
This offer is limited to cardholders only. Therefore, ID with photo is required. Additional, you can not use this offer in conjunction with other promotion or offers in the studio.

Promotional period: 1/4/2017-31/12/2017.
For detailed info, please call SPACE at An-Ho Studio +886.2.2773.8108 Tien-Mu Studio +886.2.2877.2108

“5 minutes early” sign-in policy

To allow more people to enjoy yoga, please observe the following guidelines:
1. Show up when you reserve: be on time to all of your reserved classes.
2. Cancel when you can’t make it:If you need to cancel a reservation, please call at least 2 hours in advance so that others can take your place.

To provide the best uninterrupted experience for you, SPACE has revised the class sign-in policy as follows:
1. Students who have registered must sign in at the front desk and pick their cards at least 5 minutes prior to class starting time, otherwise they’ll be considered wait-listed.
2. 4 minutes prior to class starting time, wait-listed students who are dressed and ready can pick their cards and attend the class.
3. Once the class starts, late students will not be admitted into class even if they have a card.

In accordance to the new sign-in policy, pre-registration policy will be adjusted as follows:
1. No shows are counted when you did not showing up for a pre-registered class.
2. Late cancels are counted when you didn’t cancel two hours prior to the class starting time.
3. When no shows and late cancels together exceed 3 times in a calendar month, your next month’s pre-registration privileges will be suspended. To take a class, you will have to come to the studio 30 minutes early to wait for an opening.

It is SPACE's belief that yoga should be available to everyone.

Come visit us, SPACE welcomes you for one class or a lifetime!

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